For One Day, Alice: Madness Returns Comes To Life

The world moved on from the game pretty quickly, but thanks to its vivid art style Alice: Madness Returns lives on in the hearts of cosplayers, few of which have quite nailed the game as much as michivvya and her friends.

The Chinese cosplayers have recreated many of the games biggest characters (so, not just Alice), and while there's a little too much Photoshop work going on in some of them, the effort and results speak for themselves.

michivvya [Deviantart, via mahlibombing]


    I got this on steam a couple of sales ago and finally got round to installing it only to find it required some sort of publisher logon to play so I gave up before even getting to the title screen. If steam is going to provide the DRM you think they could at least disable the rest of it.

      I love the art and the concept but the game itself is pretty poor and gets so boring. A point or purpose to playing is almost not there and I just can't finish it through going through the same platform mechanics over and over again on drawn out levels

        Personally didn't find it that grinding. Then again I was a sucker for the story so I probably was able to look past the average gameplay. That being said the occasional mini stages they threw in did mix it up a bit for me as well...

    Well it looks like you'll have to avoid all the ubisoft all the gfwl games too

    i loved the game! it was awesome

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