Video: A Detailed Look At Nvidia's New Gaming Console In Action

Here's the full walkthrough of Nvidia's ridiculous-looking Shield, revealed at CES last night. The Shield, which Nvidia says will be available in the second quarter of this year (so April through June), is an Android-helmed gaming device with a Tegra 4 graphics chip and a 5-inch touchscreen. You can use it to game on the go, or hook it up to a PC to stream to your small screen or television.

Here's the Shield linking up to a PC, Wii U style, to play a boxing game and Hawken.

And here's the Shield playing Need for Speed and Assassin's Creed III.


    really the only slightly interesting idea is being able to stream games from your pc to your tv and i'm guessing if this thing ever releases it will probably be the same value as a new computer meaning rather than buy this and stream the game you might as well build a htpc and just run big picture mode off that.

    i guess only time will tell if this device finds a niche.

    I would actually buy this, I can imagine running old roms, new games, streaming from pc....This could actually be a great console. If Nvidia hit's big with this handheld, who knows they might even make a console...or team up with Valve to make a steam box ...But i can only imagine that working if it was running windows.....

    I find android/iphone games pretty shitty though.

    This seems like the perfect device for me. Sometimes I cannot access my computer for a while due to being at the wrong house, so playing games wherever would be good. I hope it has a microphone jack, though.

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