How To Make Ash And Pikachu Totally Freaky

This is Pikachu, and his trainer, Ash (or "Satoshi" as he's called in Japan). This is how they've looked in the Pokémon anime. Nothing really strange here at all. Ash and Pikachu, hanging out. Got it.

But if you, like Twitter user @KoTa_OTL want to mix things up and get crazy, here ya go:

This image has gone viral in Japan, where it's been retweeted over 30,000 times in just two days. Pikachu with Ash's eyes isn't so bad (it's actually a thing, after all), but Ash with Pikachu's eyes is nightmare fuel.

サトシとピカチュウの目を入れ替えてみたら [@KoTa_OTL]


    I wonder if Best Wishes Ash face is just as freaky on Pikachu.

    Hasn't this been done before? Or am I remembering wrong?

      Think it was done with Professor Oak and some pokemon; could have been Pikachu. Was ages ago though, long before the time of Twitter.

    Makes me think of Nibbler and braindum Leela.

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