I Pity The Fool Who Doesn't Enjoy This Moving LEGO A-Team Van

It wouldn't be enough for a replica A-Team van to simply sit there. The A-Team drove around real fast smashing into stuff, so damn it, replica LEGO models should too.

Hats off to LEGO builder vmln8, then, who has done just that, building the team's van and sticking fully-functioning remote controls inside it, which can propel the thing at breakneck speeds.

A-Team van [vmln8r, via Brothers Brick]


    i pitty you 2 luke but i hate the A-team, and this thing sucks

    Last edited 18/01/13 4:09 pm

      it doesn't matter how much you hate the show, you cant deny the badassery of B.A. or this van

      Are you talking about the 80s TV series or the Liam Neeson film of the same name?

      I adore the original series but hate the film that cashed in on the show's recognition.

        To elaborate on the mistake that the film was from it's very conception...

        - You can't just take the A-Team characters and use different actors. The original actors made those characters, prime example being B.A. - HE IS MR.T not some random black guy.
        - The show was definitively 80s, in style, production and setting. Nothing will ever be the same.
        - The series action was grounded in real stunt work and practical effects. The film on the other hand has tasteless, excessive CGI sequences that are clearly beyond belief.

        Now don't get me started on Miami Vice...

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