Joe Biden On Video Game Violence: ‘We Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of The Facts’

Joe Biden On Video Game Violence: ‘We Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of The Facts’

As part of an initiative to address gun violence in the US after the Connecticut school shootings, the Vice President of the United States answered questions today in a Google Hangout. The subject of video games — and the medium’s possible correlation to violent behaviour — came up and the video above capture Biden’s comments on why more research is needed.

Biden’s remarks come after having met with game industry representatives. Today, the VP mentioned the need for government-led video game studies in the midst of relating how research that the automotive industry initially thought of as threatening actually helped deaths while driving. His comments don’t do any kind of scapegoating and simply call for better data.


  • Firstly, he’s the one afraid of the facts. They are alreasy out there, he’s just ignoring them because they don’t suit his previous sensationalist claims and bias against video games and the industry. He said it needs to “improve it’s image” despite having a complete lack of knowledge or expertise in the area.

    Secondly, as I said the studies and the facts are already out there. It’s a waste of time and money not only because it’s redundant, but when it comes back and doesn’t support his view he’ll ignore it and quietly put it in the shredder so he can keep bantering on about how dangerous video games are. Guaranteed.

    Its what happened in Oz; the government virtually ignored its own studies and the opinions of experts for years. Finally, they sent the R rating bill to be reviewed and it came back basically saying “enough is enough, the facts are there so get on with it”. They dragged their feet for more than a decade, using endless amounts of arbitrary consultations, reviews, reviews of the reviews and any other excuse they could.

    • The government does it all the time, just look at their own studies on drug use and their side effects, they ignore them because the truth isn’t as good as an old fashioned scare campaign.

    • Did you not read the already condensed lunch time 5 sentence article? Joe Biden basically reiterated that nothing should be done until we have more conclusive evidence through Government led studies. The article even mentioned that past automotive studies, that were viewed as detrimental to the industry, actually were beneficial to society.

      Or did you just jump the gun, because you have such irrational attachment to Video Games on a whole, that any scrutiny placed upon the industry, you have to attack those who instigate such ideas.

    • I still remember once on Q&A the R rating thing came up and it was mentioned studies have no link. Yet they were still all offering their opinions how they think it mustn’t be good for people to play them or something.

      It was actually a very good insight into how little politicians know, and how worthless most of their opinions really are. We just trust they know something, because alot of things are to do with stuff we know nothing about.

      Fact of the matter is, nothing that makes a politician a politician removes them from the same mistakes and flaws in thinking and logic that we all have,

    • I won’t argue your points, they’re spot on. You also have to remember the evolution of video games. Every year they strive for better graphics, more realism and more intuitive ways to capture a gamers interests (mostly… Swag-gamers will still keep buying CoD, until another WW2 release is made to rehash the series again).

      The advancements in graphics and realism do kind of invalidate older studies.

      My concern is more the research will be centred around teens and children, ultimately resulting blanket regulations that effect those of us in our twenties and older. (I’m 24-25, no one should telling me what is or is not suitable for me other than myself.)

  • No problem with it as long as it’s legitimate unbiased research.

    Plus if there’s official government studies that find that violent games don’t turn normal people into killers, then there’s something to refer to the next time someone starts pointing fingers.

  • Also remember, say they found a link or correlation or whatever. That would not be independent on all sorts of others factors. Which I don’t think they want to address.

    The United States is a militaristic, violent society that is basically in perpetual states of waging wars. Maybe introducing violent video games increase the affect of that on people. However we clearly know that plenty of non violent, militaristic countries with a much higher video game consumption don’t have these issues and problems.

    Also if any correlation or link is found it’d be so tiny it’d be worth doing nothing about. Even if people grandstand about it, pointlessly pretending they are doing something.

    Then how on earth would you put a control in for maybe violent video games attract violent people?

    Hopefully we get a good study out of this. However we could just as easily get a shit one.

  • The video game industry has nothing to hide. The facts have been known for years, millions of people play violent video games all over the world but, like violent movies, they do not incite or facilitate violence.

    Crazy homicidal people have been around since the dawn of human civilization. But now, powerful weapons are cheaply available that can make mass murder as easy as pointing and pulling a trigger. In a country with more guns than people, I’d say it was pretty obvious what the problem is.

    • I just love how they hold onto that “right to protect myself and my family” argument so much.

      I mean, we had those same people make the same arguments after Port Arthur. Lots of people were pissed about the regulations that were put in place. I was but a mere child when this went down, I didn’t grow up with guns or a predisposition they were necessary. As such, I see no use for them. It’s the same with the majority of my generation I bet. And the same thing would happen in The US after about fifteen or twenty years.

      • After the Dark Knight shooting, people were saying that if ONE person in the cinema had a gun, they would have been all been saved. It would of made it MUCH worse! You don’t solve guns with more guns. This research is a good thing! It will prove video games don’t turn people into killers, and next time games are used as a scapegoat, we will have some more proof they don’t turn normal people into killers.

        • And if two people in the cinema had guns, chances are once the gunman was down, they’d have turned on each other each assuming the other was another gunman. Adreleinan makes poor decisions for us.

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