Let's Guess What These New Mass Effect 3 Screenshots Tease

Today, both Casey Hudson and Michael Gamble — producers on the Mass Effect Team — tweeted pictures. Mass Effect pictures, of course — presumably, of DLC. But beyond that? Your guess is as good as mine as to what these pictures depict.

Above is a city, obviously. The Citadel, maybe? Probably not, but who knows?

And below, a Krogan that you apparently don't want to mess with...but that could be any Krogan, really. So who is this one, specifically, then?

What could the new DLC be? Now taking bets.


    I don’t know why they are still wasting their time on DLC (if that’s what it is).

    The end of Mass Effect was so final I don’t imagine a lot of people want to go back and play through some tacked-on extra story.

      I for one, am. Actually going through ME2 again currently, changing a lot of choices I made the last couple of times I played it, then will Go through ME3 again to see what changes plus play the extra DLC as well.

        I agree with coriander, DLC like this works wonders to spice up a second playthrough.

          I second this, I just finished ME1 on PS3 since it was released and am now going through ME2 down a different path, it's also nice now to actually get some context on ME2 thanks to playing through ME1.

      I think a lot of people want to experience everything Mass Effect. I'm one of them, so even though I know that ME3 is the end of Shepard's story, as publicly stated by Bioware, I would like to experience any prequel/interlude episodes that Bioware cares to make.

    I'm going to assume it's a new multipalyer map and the krogan is a new playable class.

    Though I heard the cast of Mass Effect got called back a few months ago to record more voices, so I'm still hoping there's more story DLC coming. Once it's all out, I'll play through the game again, but I don't want to do it until I know that there's nothing else on the way.

    The Krogan could be a new class for MP maybe. And I am hoping the City pic is a sign of more single-player DLC (^_^)

    It's a pretty open secret that the fourth SP DLC episode is set on the Citadel. That Krogan sure looks interesting!

      This is true.

      I love almost any excuse to get back into the ME world.

    Perhaps the DLC is based on the Krogan Wars, the first pic is a single-player mision location and the second is one of a new krogan opposing force in multiplayer.

    There's apparently one more piece of single player DLC coming... and it's been rumored to be Citadel based, so we'll see.

    First pic looks like the Citadel, while the 2nd looks like it takes place on Illium - and considering it's a Krogan, it's probably a new multiplayer map (even though there's already an Illium map?)

    As was said above, the first screenshot is almost definitely on the citadel, judging by the the sign that looks exactly like the human embassies welcome sign.

    And the other screenshot looks like it was taken from firebase godess set on illium in MP. Looks like new characters are abound!

    The Citadel is the main attraction of the ME series for me. I loved wandering around the Presidium in ME1, it really felt like I was in another world. Zakera Ward in ME2 had brilliant art design but was unsatisfyingly cramped, though the Thane/Garrus loyalty missions made up for it a bit.

    The Citadel in ME3 looks amazing except for the low-res skybox; I was genuinely stunned when I first arrived there after Mars. They did a wonderful job on the lighting, especially as you walk out from the docking bay towards the elevators, and looking out from Huerta Memorial Hospital. The coup mission was like gaming nirvana for me, possibly the most entertaining action sequence I've played in a game, so I'm definitely looking forward to any DLC set on the Citadel.

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