New Super Street Fighter Graphic Novel Delivers Greasy Battle Royale

If you've seen an incredibly cool piece of Street Fighter art, chances are it originated from one of the talents at Udon Entertainment. The Canadian artist collective cranks out illustrated works for some of nerddom's most beloved characters and has been making sharp, stylised interpretations of Capcom's premier fighting franchise for more than a decade now.

It's been a while since they put out fresh work though. But don't worry: new stuff is on the way.

Kotaku can happily reveal an exclusive look at Super Street Fighter Volume 1: New Generation, a hardcover collection of all-new work coming out tomorrow. New Generation throws characters from SFIII and SFIV at each other, with some of them battling for the first time. In the story seen here, sumo stalwart E. Honda tries to argue that his style of wrestling deserves to be in the Olympics. Slippery ol' Hakkan — the Turkish oil grappler who debuted in SFIV — disagrees. You can guess what happens next. You'll be able to get Super Street Fighter Volume 1: New Generation for $US34.95 wherever cool stuff is sold online or in the real world.


    I'm not too into Street Fighter, but is that Haggar in there?

      Holy sh*t is that him in the last panel rastlin with hakan? SOLD!

        Also pretty much the most amazing I.O.C ever devised.

    Haha damn that's good looking. <3 the none-too-serious SF universe.

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