Next Saints Row, Metro Games Will Be 'Faithful To Their Franchises'

Koch Media owns publisher Deep Silver (Dead Island). It now owns both the Saints Row and Metro franchises, along with the studios that made them.

Fans have every right to be cautious about a management change, but while Koch said in a media release earlier today it "will roll out future plans for each franchise in the coming months", Deep Silver has since tweeted the following:

I mean, yeah, of course they'd say that. But in the absence of anything else, it's something for fans to hold on for while they await news of the future.


    The real question is if 2034 will be coming out on time

      I think you mean Last Light

    Yes, yes. but what is happening to company of heroes 2? This is the most important question.

    Prediction: SR4 will be set in the future

      Preditcion: I'll wipe my arse with the SR4 disc if it is.

        So the last one with the military hover-jets, hover-cycles and people running around inside tron-like computer programs wasn't?

        I'd love them to go back to the timeline of the first one and gangster it up a bit. An original and heaps over the top game set in a San Andreas style early 90's LA could be heaps fun.

          lol Exactly my thoughts. Mutants, zombies, hover jets, aliens, laser rifles, shock wave guns, flying hover jets with laser cannons, matrix/tron worlds, SHIELD inspired Heli-carriers, powersuited military... the list goes on and on my friends...

          Even though 2 was a little OTT, it was still a solid play. The cheesiness of 3 just killed it for me. SR1 had the best gangster feel, IMO, overall.

    Wonder if they'll give V the freedom to make Freespace 3, seeing as though they are so 'desperate' to make it apparently... #pipedream.

      Koche media/deep silver are also the publishers for Egosoft who make the fantastic X series spacesims. I wouldnt be suprised if they allow it

        No to mention that, whilst some of the FS team still works at V, a lot of the core team have moved on... :(

        Dammit, I want answers about the Bosch and the Shivans! lol!

    Good to know that they will keep the team and the spirit of the franchise. I was surprised to see how cheap they were picked up for.

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