Ninja Theory Has A Feisty Message For DmC Haters

Warning: spoilers ahead. Not everyone is a fan of Ninja Theory's new take on Devil May Cry's cocksure antihero Dante. In fact, many long-time fans of the series are downright apoplectic.

Ninja Theory doesn't appear to have let that get to them though. In fact, they use this early-game easter egg to thumb their nose at critics.




Spoilers in the video thumbnail!







As uploaded by GamesHQMedia, here's Dante… well, rejecting his old look. Of course, some fans are mad about more than Dante's hair; they're upset about the game's reported lower difficulty and different overall tone.

Still... heh.

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    never liked the look of old dante or the "pretty boy anime-styled" hair he used to have. just made him look like a chick

      compared to his current "gay emo Robert Pattinson" look?

      No, now he looks like a pretty boy anime style

    Personally his 'original' look isn't 'flamboyant pretty anime boy'. But the biggest point is that they've changed an iconic character that has been know from day one to have the silver(white) hair.

      I chortled at "iconic"

    While I don't like the new look, it was always something I could live with, less so the exceedingly mediocre gameplay. Meh, we'll see with the full thing, but I'm anticipating an 'okay' game with an annoying 'oh look at my clever social commentary via fantasy narrative' overlay.

    I liked that joke when I saw it in game. I thought it was rather cute.

    It's as if when those modern "musicians" that remix classic old 60's songs into generic modern pop rubbish, but then have the nerve to laugh at the original and say sometihng like "It's sooo old fashioned! Not a single wub in the entire song, what's up with that?!"

      Except that your analogue is completely irrelevant.

        Seriously? What are you, blind?

        I'll help out the simple folk.
        1) Remixing of a classic into generic crap
        2) One possible reason because they could think the old sound wasn't modern enough. And in an old interview, the NT head designer, or PR guy, or whoever said that the old dante wasn't cool anymore and needed to be updated so it's cool and "underground" for a modern audience
        3) Remix/reboot both totally unnecessary
        4) My last bit was a hypothetical, that this video of Dante say "never in a million years" as much a middle finger to the old game as it would be if the artists who remixed the classic song said the same about the original

        That's how it's relevant

          Nope still irrelevant. Ninja theory is just proving they are worthy of making a dmc game that is as good as original.

          Your hypothetical bit is quite bias. To me it is more like a joke saying the old games are old, new one is better. I believe there are a few games that did that just for laughs.

            Just because you don't agree (as this is based on opinion and taste) doesn't mean the analogy isn't relevant. This is just a bastardisation of a classic game series that was totally unnecessary, they should've just made it a new IP

              Just because you dont accept other people's opinion on your analogy does not mean your analogy is correct as well.

              Unfortunately for you this 'bastardisation' is a huge success. So please stop your irrelevant analogy and argument.

              Last edited 16/01/13 2:07 am

                No, I cannot accept someone's absurd opinion that this analogy isn't "relevant" (you have to be a special kind of stupid not to see the similarities. Maybe start by pulling your head out of your arse) as I can't accept other people's just as stupid "opinion" that the world is flat.

                I can, however, accept people like this reboot, but that doesn't change the fact that this reboot is pointless. As i said, it could've easily been a new IP and not DMC

            His analogy I actually pretty relevant. His explanation of how it's relevant is really all you need to understand it. Personally, I like the new look of the game, it seems grittier, granted that I haven't played much of the original series. I do disagree with the first 2 points but agree with the other 2. This reboot is completely unnecessary, if you can give a good reason why Devil May Cry needs a reboot, tell me. And yes, the "Never in a million years" line is like a big "fuck you!" to the people that liked the older look.

              A reboot was needed because the series had begun too stagnate, as is the cause of many reboots. They wiped the slate a faded orange shade of clean and built up a new version of the universe, this both draws in a new fanbase and allows them too experiment and add things that would have made the original universe too difficult or confusing for anyone new too enter. Yes this gamble may have lost them a chunk of the fanbase, but it has gained a new fanbase (me included) as a result. Many may not like it, but I for one am glad too have a doorway into the franchise.

    Like the new look better than the old white haired stereotypical jp game white hair lame jokes protagonist.

    I've played the previous DMCs, and personally I don't mind this new look of Dante, at least for the setting the game is in the newer Dante fits in better. Even if its a reboot no one wanted, I doubt the original Dante would have fit into this setting well. He just would have seemed too goofy and unfocused.

    Plus when I first saw this scene I didn't find it offensive or anything like that, I just got a chuckle thinking to myself "Oh god, he doesn't know what'll happen later on won't he".

    You know what. I like the new look. And I also like the old look. And the clip, I thought that was pretty funny. Reminded me of the line George Lazenby says in "On Her Majesty Secret Service" before the title credits...
    "This never happen to the other fellow." A very large wink/nod to the fans of Sean Connery. And again in Skyfall when the new Q says exploding pens really aren't their thing anymore.
    Was a fun way of saying the new films acknowledge the previous 20 films, but these have to try their own thing for now. But they still know people love the original 20.
    Anyway, that's my 5 cents.

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      Thankyou, I personally have never had any interaction with the series before, and after my friend mentioned it I decided to give it a look, the fan reception turned me off, but after seeing some strong arguments both ways, I downloaded the demo, only too find out the game was the most hack-and-slash fun I have ever had. Thankyou for having a reasonable statement.

    People need to stop crying - if the new look gets your panties in such a twist...Dont play it? no point in complaining about it, vote with you wallet. I personally thought it was a nice change and little funny bits like that are what make games great! its DMC...never really took itself THAT seriously.

    why is everyone getting so shitty over this scene and dante's new look? if anything he looks better. and i don't get how you can't tell that that scene is fan service, not a big "f**k you" to the original franchise

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