Remembering: Smurf Hunt

This morning's story regarding Batman going on a Smurf Hunt reminded me of something in a gaming sense. It took me a while to remember precisely what that was.

Behold the majesty that is Smurf Hunt for the Amiga. It's a public domain game — because it's not like Peyo was likely to licence a game where you go around blasting Smurfs with a shotgun, after all. I played a heck of a lot of this back in the very early 1990s. I can't have been the only one, can I?


    I was at an antique store the other day. They had a display cabinet full of the old BP smurf figures. Prices started at $10 each. BLUE GOLD!!!!

      $10? Somebody get Michael Caton's phone number for me. I've got a small acting job for him.

    For memory, I believe it was actually a SEUCK game. That is, Shoot Em Up Construction Kit.

    SEUCK was a platform for for creating your own Shoot-em-up, and at the time something like that was simply unheard of unless you knew assembly or some other low-level programming language. As a kid you could easy draw all your own characters & backgrounds, map out the attack paths and boss fights and generally make then compile your own game.

    Unfortunately back then, there seemed hundreds of clone-type titles made in SEUCK by kids everywhere and they were all essentially identical, boring AND TERRIBLE.

    To a kid at the time, that's to say me, Smurf Hunt was "OK" but that was pretty much only due to the fact that it was free and had a "cool" topic - Killing Smurfs.

    Still to this day though, I find it pretty amazing that people know what it is and the fact that someone, probably a kid, persevered long enough to make something that not only looked pretty good for the time, but also had more than one crappy level.

      I used to muck around with seuck on c64. Spent hours on GAC and quill too.

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