The Stuff Terraria Gets On Console That (Probably) Won't Be On PC

It was quietly one of the biggest PC games of 2011, so it's little surprise that Terraria is heading to consoles.

This clip shows some of the new features coming to the console. Features that, incidentally, weren't originally planned to be coming to the PC version, which has been "finished" for some time now. That said, the game's creator is currently playing the tease...

Terraria will be out on Xbox Live and PSN in a month or two.

Terraria [GameSpot]


    Shame the new content wont be coming to PC's, Terraria is my #1 played game on steam at 200hrs.
    It's a great game and I hope the new players on consoles will like it!

    Last edited 26/01/13 9:07 am

      What a disgusting attitude.


          Hmm, the post was edited, it must have been a markedly different tone previously!

            My post had a unnecessary punctuation, which I edited out a few seconds after submitting.
            My guess is he was being sarcastic.

              Ah fair enough. Sorry for any misguided accusation mate!

              I thought your words were quite good and definitely outside of the usual "this is BS why do they get exclusives" type of rant.

              I can see how that comment could be sarcastic in that case. As usual these things are hard to get across on the Internet!

              Last edited 27/01/13 7:37 pm

        Am I the only one that can see the sarcasm or humor in this?

    Shame it isn't coming to Wii U, I can see the touch screen interface coming in handy.

    Damn that looks good! Might have to buy it again ;)

    In all honesty even if we don't get the official patch for PC I'm sure someone will release a mod that will give all of the added content.

      Well... No they wont. That would be illegal.

        What will the developer do? Sue for lost revenue? Intellectual property damage? I don't see how there's a problem with this mod suggestion.

    Sooo from the looks of the trailer the game now comes with a third dimension? :P

    Awesome game. Doesn't seem to be anything worth rebuying it for though.

    If this content doesn't come out for PC, it's a slap in the face for every person who has already bought and loved the game. Don't make us wait for it!

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