There Is A Gorgeous Warcraft Mod In The Works For Starcraft II

There Is A Gorgeous Warcraft Mod In The Works For Starcraft II

We probably won’t see Warcraft IV soon, but with Starcraft II‘s map editor and with enough time anyone can create something similar. Members of the New Dawn team are in the middle of it, and this developer video shows a really atmospheric preview.

Orcs, murlocks and zeppelins fight each other amidst only a few remaining zerg and protoss buildings that remind us that it is a mod for Starcraft II.

Warcraft: A New Dawn – Dev Preview 2 [YouTube]


  • Really hope this comes out and is good. Might actually get me interested in booting up Starcraft II again.

    I hope once WOW is dead they come to their senses and release Warcraft IV officially, although, somehow, nobody seems to want to play RTS’s anymore. Are there even any traditional style ones out at the moment? Or in the last 5 years? Not talking about Dawn Of War or Company Of Heroes, I want to build!

    • Just for the record, Company of Heroes has base construction, it’s a bit average but it’s there. Dawn of War is definitely a real RTS game. But if you want the true Dune 2 / Command and Conquer format RTS SC2 is the only recent game that truly fits that format.

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