This GI Joe Action Figure Will Make Your Inner Child Squeal

Yeah, it's based on the upcoming movie sequel, but the design is close enough to the original that I'm going to view this as an all-purpose figure. And what a figure it is.

Due from Hot Toys in Q2 2013, the 1/6 scale figure has heaps of weapons, five pairs of interchangable hands and a fancy base.

No word on price, but if it's anything like Hot Toys' other pieces, you can expect to pay between $US180-$US250 from your comic store/importer of choice.


    I hate any kids who get to play with this.

      None, nobody buys a kid a $250 GI Joe. Adults buy these and put them in glass cases.

    I showed this to my missus.
    Her first comment was,"Wow, that's a really nice costume and not many men can wear high waisted pants and make it work".

    So it is an action figure taken from a movie about action figures.

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