This Terrible-Looking Gaming Movie Is Actually Being Released

Since it's been nine months since the last trailer, we'd assumed/hoped that the movie Noobz (sigh), a tale of online gaming and... bad comedy, had been consigned to the garbage disposal unit of history.

Nope. It's out soon, and here's a new trailer. Tina described the first one as "ghastly". I'm going to call this one "unfortunate".

Perhaps fittingly, while it's out in cinemas on January 25, it'll be out on DVD only four days later.


    Wow. Just, wow.

    This is kinda painful to watch... it sticks to two stereotypes 1.) that games are for kids and 2.) the adults who play them are immature morons... I doubt it can shake my current opinion of it no matter how good it is

    What...the...FUCK! this shit?

    It's hollywoods version of what gaming supposedly is... I remember when 'Hackers' came out, 1995? We saw it around 1997 for the first time, we were 'hacking' via telnet etc. Back then this was in no way reflected in that movie. Hackers, sure, it was at least a decent movie with a good cast, but to anyone doing that shit back then, it was just as insulting.

    Once we got past that it was a fucking awesome movie :D Cereal Killa ftw! :D

    This movie just looks like a giant sloppy turd unfortunately.

      News flash, Hollywood rarely portrays any profession with any scrap of faithfulness. I used to be a musician, signed, touring overseas, all that stuff. If you've ever seen a movie in which someone is recording a song or playing a gig I can guarantee that's it's painful to watch. That's Hollywood for ya.

      I don't think this movie looks bad because it is particularly insulting to gamers. It looks bad because of crap jokes and crap acting.

        In a round about, not to the point way, thats what I was trying to say :) that Hollywood always screws shit up. Otherwise ALL crimes would be solved in an hour, at the last minute, by a sidekick with 'moxy' who ends up just shooting the suspect (guilty or not, they ran!) because, well, it makes for a badass moment... all computers could be hacked by playing a bad cgi version of Wipeout (Hackers) and everyone who works in IT would be paid squillions of dollars!

        Hollywood... if only you were real eh...

          Hahaha, watch the first video, then the second - in that order :P

    Sponsored by Microsoft.

    At 0:33 is that Jay?
    Also, I think I saw a Pure Pwnage joke steal at 0:47

    Trying too hard with no funny jokes at all, everything is a horrid stereotypical slur.

    VGA's movie of the year.

    Well what do you know, having internet quota caps in Australia finally proves useful. It saves me from watching this drivel as I have no desire to wait the 10 minutes for it to load :P

    I thought only Kevin Smith would give Jason Mewes any work, I hope Adam Sessler got some money out of it too.

    You can tell it's shit just from the voiceover guy they have for it :/

      Agreed sounds like the same guy that does the voice overs for those shitty college movies/party movies.

    i dunno, looks so bad that'll it will be good :D

    Whilst this indeed look shit - why would anyone release a dvd of a movie - four days after its cinema release?

      Ahhhh....I'm pretty sure their 'test' screenings' have told them this is worse than turd-worthy...hence they give it 4 days, which by the looks is about 5 too many.

        Turd movies can still make money. This is entirely counter productive. Why even release it at all in cinemas? You are racking up distribution, advertising costs etc.. whilst actively advertising against seeing it at a cinema to interested people. I would suggest that it is NOT being released on dvd - four days later or it's an extremely limited cinema release.

          Apparently it is being released then. WTF? Crack has a lot to answer for.

    Thanks Jason Mewes.. You have broken my heart.

    Is it just me or the video or dare I say MOVIE, looks like it's recorded at home... A school production would kill this movie any day. In fact, I don't wanna advertise or anything, but check out my youtube channel somecrazygamer, and watch the movie I made at school called Love Story. Probably 2 times better than this crap

    Last edited 05/01/13 1:57 am

    I'm honestly mostly surprised that it seems to only be about Gears of War 3, at least, only going by this trailer.

    Awful movie held together by forced jokes, stereotypes and nothing else. Looks HORRIBLE!

    Will be an great study in Oblivious-Self-Referential Ignorance in Corporate 'Culture.'

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    "may the best noob win"

    do they even know what a Noob is?

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