US Senator: Video Games Are ‘A Bigger Problem Than Guns’

US Senator: Video Games Are ‘A Bigger Problem Than Guns’

On MSNBC today, US senator Lamar Alexander (a Tennessee Republican) set a new benchmark for insanity by claiming that games are worse than guns.

“I think video games is a bigger problem than guns, because video games affect people,” he told host Chuck Todd.

Once again, this is an actual US senator. An actual senator from the United States. That was elected to an office. This is a person who has a significant amount of power in this country, and he believes that video games are a bigger problem than guns.

This is a good time to remind everyone that there is no scientific evidence linking video games to violence.

Lamar Alexander says guns don’t kill people, video games do [YouTube via DailyKOS]


  • I don’t even.
    The sooner the boomers die out and our generations rise into power the better! I honestly don’t see how an adult man could say video games, which would include gems such as Mary Kate and Ashly Olsen go shopping (or whatever), are more of a threat to our community than tools specifically designed for death. What da fug.
    It’s like blaming the cat for the dog shit all over the backyard.

  • While this may come as a surprise to Americans, I think the rest of the world has come to expect this level of stupidity as par for the course when it comes to US politics.

  • Faith in humanity destroyed. What the hell is wrong with these people and their baseless idiotic claims. How did these guys get in power. Just wait till some idiots blindly follow this moron and video games become scapegoats for guns. Again. I don’t think they’ll ever learn how wrong they are.

  • yea man, video games AFFECT people, oh wait. so do movies, music, books and TV. Lets just ban every form of entertainment or storytelling, because guys… it AFFECTS people. We can’t have that.

    • I was also foolishly under the impression that guns can affect people too. Especially when they, or loved ones, get shot by them.

      • Nah… you can only affected if your still alive.

        Most people end up dead so hence unaffected by gun! IT MAKES SENSE PEOPLE!

    • Yes true but in the US is it easier to attack the gaming industry then the gun groups. After Nixon the American people voted the Democratic party into majorty in almost every Congress. They had Republican Presidents but the Congress remained majority to the Democratic Party. Clinton in 1994 pushed Congress to pass the ‘Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act 1994’ As he was a Dem he used the majority they had in Congress to get the 10 year ban in place. Later that year during the Midterm elections the Dems lost the house, and this is why they are the way they are now. In 1994 it cost them 54 seats in Congress, Americans like guns, pro gun pollies don’t really get elected much, the house is majorty Republican.

  • This just makes me sad. I don’t understand the American obsession with guns and I don’t think I ever will. Surely common sense will prevail in the end.

  • Forget video games… what about those old Warner Bros cartoons we all grew up on? I just want to drop giant boulders on peoples’ heads ala Wiley Coyote!

  • The problem is out of the 100 US senators (2 for each state) 80 are millionaires. Men and women who have served as CEO’s for big companies and what not. The NRA is the US is massive, the have a list of their website and a rating of the Senator, Congressperson, Governor ect, on how they sit of guns and gun reform. Not being racist the politicans from the south tend to be more pro gun then ones from the north. Now in saying that being rich is not a issue as I am not a person to bag the rich, it its that they get a lot more money in donations from the NRA and gun makers then the gaming industry.

    They also play on the Second Amendment a lot saying it allows them to have guns, or the right to bear arms. But here is the direct written 2nd.

    “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”

    See I would like to believe that the US founding fathers, didnt mean the people have the right to have assault rifles, drum magazines or to shoot up a kindy.

    But thats just my 2c.

  • This is starting to get ridiculous, I’m fucking 20ish I should be aloud to made derisions about the media i expose my self too. The fact that I play games has never influenced how I look at KILLING SOMEONE WITH A GUN. I don’t own a gun and never will… The fact the people are SHOOTING people to death means there are too many GUNS in the hands of crazy people that need help! But oh no!!! I’m not allowed to call someone crazy because that not politically correct. So instead of helping that are not exactly “crazy” lets just blame every teenager and young adult out there and say that everyone could become like those people. Lets blame video games instead of guns, that way we can still sell guns at every shop in the us…

    Oh here’s an interesting chart that I’m sure hasn’t made its way into any of the “clever” US politicians hands:

    Here;s the full article for those of you who are interested…

    The sad part is that so many people have died in the US because of guns, and because the NRA keep blaming other people, that problems only going to get worse, I mean, they even have the president looking for facts to support them…

  • It’s fascinating how a lot of these evil videogames get their content and settings from real life events such as wars and crime. Things that actually exist in the real world which is shaped by governments… governments too busy making cheap sound bites on easy targets instead of focusing on real problems… such as wars and crime.

  • “I think video games is a bigger problem than guns, because video games affect people,”
    Hmm… Play a video game or get shot…

    (sarcasm) Welp, bye everyone! I’m off to get shot!

    On a side note, if games are worse than guns, maybe we should give all our soldiers a video game instead of a gun to fight with. Problem solved.

    • No wonder the war hasn’t been won yet, we haven’t been supplying the troops with adequate equipment. This man has won us the war gentlemen!

  • Omg! Really America you have gone low! I have lost all respect for America, they are so blind! Look at us Aussies we have violent video games and strict as hell gun laws, no mass shootings by phsycotic pussies who love killing children! Simply Fuck you America!

    • Every western country has these same games, only America has these weekly shootings blamed on Video Games.

      Australia, Video Games, Restricted Guns and No Shootings.
      Britain, Video Games, no Guns and No Shootings.
      Canada, Video Games, Lots of Guns and No Shootings.

      3 Examples all with different Gun ownership but all with less problems of gun violence surely the solution involves guns not games.

  • Lets be fair, he’s not talking about violence in video games. He’s talking about that rage when you fool hardishly buy a game in a shop for a small fortune. Then you take it home and spend ages while it downloads contents making you wonder why you didn’t digitally buy it. At which point you notice it’s a fraction of the price. None the less you go to play and the games a piece of shit and you’re so annoyed you feel like killing someone.

    Anyway the arguments stupid logic. It fits into the category of, “here’s something stupid. I don’t believe it or care if it’s true, you also don’t believe or care. However some idiot will be convinced and it’ll muddle and distract from the issue.”

    Gun murders seemed to come about after the creation of guns, not video games. When video games came out, there was no change in gun deaths. Argument is flawed.

  • This Senator is clearly right. As is everyone who says Video Games are more dangerous than guns.

    I mean, have you seen the damage they can do? I once saw a game disc decapitate a clay model! Imagine the damage this could cause to a person!

    In fact, there was a massacre where a bunch of disgruntled kids took up stacks of Video Game discs and flung them at innocent bystanders, injuring more than a few of them. Sure at the time they only received cuts and bruises, but imagine if someone with a good throwing arm decides to go on a rampage with video games. I for one do not want to have this happen. BAN THE GAMES!!!

    • so what youre saying is this is a conspiracy to popularise digital distribution? oh my god! how did we not see this!!?

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  • Now to hide under my bed with my tin foil hat to prevent all forms of external influence on my oh-so-delicate mind :\

  • I totally agree with Lamar Alexander. All those kids running around packing NDS’s and PSP’s…..and now everyone has access to those deadly video games with their iPhones and Smart Phones. Where does it end?
    A friend of mine was assaulted by a five year old girl who was packing an NDS with Imagine Beauty Shop. It was brutal. If it wasn’t for the gun my friend was packing, he’d still be applying lipstick and eye shadow until it killed him. I say give everyone more guns, and stop this video game madness from killing our kids.

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