Wait, That’s Not A Zynga Game At The Top Of The Facebook Charts

Wait, That’s Not A Zynga Game At The Top Of The Facebook Charts

Since I started covering the social gaming scene for Kotaku I’ve been regularly checking the numbers over at AppStats to see which Zynga games were topping the charts on any given day. You can imagine my surprise when the name on top of today’s daily active users chart had King.com next to it. Way to go, Candy Crush Saga!

Thanks in no small part to the mobile app currently enjoying prime positioning on the free app charts for both iOS and Android, King.com’s progression-based match puzzle game is currently hovering at 9.7 million active users a day. Its closest competition is FarmVille 2 with 8.8 million daily active users. That’s a significant margin.

I’ve been playing Candy Crush Saga like a fiend on my iPad and Note II lately, generally repeating the same level (79) over and over again while cursing. It’s entertaining to imagine nearly 10 million other people doing the same thing, usually in the restroom.

Some will take this sudden shift as a sign of Zynga’s continuing decline. I consider it more an indication of the growing convergence of social and mobile gaming, and a testament to King.com’s excellent implementation of its games on mobile platforms.

So congratulations, King.com, on topping Zynga on the social game charts, and **** you for level 78 of Candy Crush Saga.


  • My wife is addicted to this game.. up until this game, she has been dead-set against all games.. literally was totally against games.. now she spends hours (HOURS!!) every day playing this one. I bought Bejewelled on the iPad for her but she has no interest in that.. just Candy saga.. day in, day out..

    It can be a bit of a drag though when you have to reply the same level over and over, for days in some cases.. but the satisfaction you get when you pass the level is really good. Can’t help thinking that they have built in some algorithms to the game to make it this hard levels over around 25 to 30, so you would maybe make some in-app purchases, which is a shame really as they have adverts you have to watch later on as well..

    I do have to be thankful for the game that my wife is finally interested in games 🙂 lol

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