While You Were Sleeping

Sleep is something that we're all pretty good at, most of the time. Indeed, I'm so good at sleeping I can do it with my eyes shut. But that's not a good way to keep abreast of what's been happening in the games world overnight.

Most big companies take what their employees say online exceptionally seriously, so in many ways it's not a huge surprise that Microsoft — or at least the third parties that actually handle Microsoft's Xbox 360 support — feel that way too. Or in other words, don't say nasty things about your employer online unless you're looking to get fired.

Alpha code usually stays locked away, safe and secure so that nobody can see the experimental ideas and terrible crash bugs that make up a lot of alpha code. Especially for really big titles, which is why it's fascinating to see what Half-Life looked like a year before its actual debut.

Having spent some time yesterday ranting about why I didn't want a Shadow Of The Colossus movie, I should point out I'm not totally opposed to SoTC merchandise. This SoTC hard drive statue/hard drive, for example. Why isn't it on my desk right now?

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    You sleep with your eyes shut?


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