You'll Finally Be Able To Get Those Super-Fancy Final Fantasy Art Books

Maybe you were lucky and got a copy of the boxed set for The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy by renowned artist and living legend Yoshitaka Amano. Or maybe you were out of luck like thousands of other poor sods and couldn't grab one before they sold out. Well, buck up, poor sods. You're in luck.

Dark Horse is putting those volumes back in print, in a new edition that comes out on June 19 for $US89.99.

Previously available only as a part of the now sold-out The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy Boxed Set, Dark Horse is pleased to offer fans another chance to own the three-book hardcover set The Sky I, II, and III, included in the new The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy Slipcased Edition!

The Sky I, II, and III showcase Amano's ethereal illustrations for the first 10 Final Fantasy games! Each hardcover book in The Sky Slipcased Edition is 11 5/8" high by 10 5/8" wide, and printed on glossy stock. Volume 1 contains Amano's work forFinal Fantasy I-III. Volume 2 contains his contributions for Final Fantasy IV-VI, and volume 3 features his art for Final Fantasy VII-X.

The slipcase containing The Sky I, II, and III features the same wraparound exterior artwork as The Sky Boxed Set, with a double-hinged flap that folds around the open edge and is held flat to the back side with a hidden magnetic closure, making it easy both to remove the books and to display the set closed.


    ergh, i wanted the box set, annoying how nearly every website just cancelled all of the orders...

    still happy i'll be able to get it, but i guess this will have to do...

      Sounds like this one doesn't have all the other stuff either... :(

      I'm passing on it, I already spent my failed pre-order of the first one's money on Borderlands 2, Journey, Persona 4 and Okami art books :D

    Anybody know where or when this can be pre-ordered?

    Got my copy of the orginal box set sitting on the shelf next to me. Very very nice. The artbooks themselves are certainly the draw here so the second print isn't all that bad.

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