A Collection Of Crappy Animated Images

Just as not every anime can be a winner, not every animated image can either! With all those still frames to deal with, you can bet some stinkers are going to slip past quality control. They always do.

In Japanese, horribly drawn anime stills are called "sakuga houkai" (作画崩壊). They're not necessarily only mistakes, but definitely are the images that aren't quite up to snuff. In short, they're the cruddy images that either seem out of place or should've been scrapped.

Every once in a while, threads will pop up on Japanese bulletin boards with people asking for these kinds of images. They pop up on Western anime sites, too. Here's a collection of images — many of which are old chestnuts to anime fans — of sakuga houkai that popped up recently on 2ch, Japan's largest bulletin board. There are also some classic screwups that appeared on MyAnimeList a few years back. Have a look.

THE・作画崩壊って感じの画像ください [カナ速] 作画崩壊している画像 [Naver] Animation Errors [MyAnimeList via 翻訳こんにゃくお味噌味(仮)]


    Kotaku said Kamina was crappy.

    I... I can't browse here anymore...

      I'm with you on this one.

      Just who the hell do you think you are Brian?!!

      It's from episode 4... that episode was TERRIBLY animated... (supposedly intentionally/ironically?)... I like to pretend that episode didn't happen; coz the rest of the show is... well... I think you know.

      Awwww you poor baby.

    Posting all these horrible Naruto images but not the worst one:

    There is also this, which for the life of me I cannot comprehend. . .

      Dude, that Pain fight scene where they changed fucking animators for it was the biggest fail ever. The whole scene looked like a preschooler drew it.

    Crappy animated images he said... all .jpg

    Edit: Having now read the article, derp. Move along, nothing to see here.

    Last edited 16/02/13 11:35 pm

    Another great article, Bashcraft. Though I was looking forward to some more zany cosplay.

    I don't get the 4th one down (the one under the Ash & Misty pic)

      The hill looks less like a "hill" and more like a "sheer wall"

        So the anime denizens have to climb enormous walls daily to get to school or whatever wacky place they have to go to... that's some mighty dedication.

        That's a matter of perspective not bad animation

    Surprised that one moment from Haruhi didn't show up. Sure, you have to see it animated, but it's still a hell of a fuck-up.

    I expected there to be more Gurren Lagann... Shots like those are part if its charm...

    Some of these require you to pause the show at an incredibly specific frame. A lot of anime contain silly looking intermediate frames. Probably due an increase in outsourcing to Vietnam, Korea etc.
    The first picture of Sasuke from Naruto is a good example of nitpicking. Though I will admit that others (namely season 2 & 3 of Minami-ke) contain a plethora of sakuga houkai.

    Yeah, *ahem*... What a bunch of amatures


      More than a few of them have games based on the anime. You may now return to your bridge.

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