Add Borderlands 2 To Justin Bieber And It *Almost* Becomes Bearable

Jonnycakes is an interesting guy. He takes the most bubblegum pop tracks you can imagine and then he rewrites the lyrics, makes them about Borderlands 2 for some mental reason and then re-records the entire song acapella, using only a smattering of Borderlands gunshots for rhythm. If he wasn't so crazy I might call him a genius.

Last time he reworked Ke$ha's 'Die Young'. This time Jonnycakes has reworked a Justin Bieber song I totally haven't heard before [looks around nervously]. It doesn't have quite the same punch as his Die Young effort, mainly because that Ke$ha track, regardless of your thoughts on Ke$ha herself, was super catchy and instantly recognisable.

Still, great work from Jonnycakes. This is the kind of thing YouTube was invented for.

UPDATE: Urgh. Apologies. I made a big error here. Yep, it's obviously Counter Strike: Source. This was from the same person who made Borderlands 2 Ke$ha video so I just assumed it was another Borderlands 2 vid. I was listening to the video rather than actually watching it. Very silly of me. I'm going to leave the post as is so everyone can laugh at my stupidity. Again, sorry. Terrible job by me.


    Terrible. And that's CSS source


    Wow they really changed up the graphics for Borderlands, it almost looks like CounterStrike.

    Another amazing example of the fine quality of journalism from Kotaku.....

    @mark have you even played borderlands 2?


    Mark Serrels: Internet Troll Extraordinaire .

    No1 rule about gaming journalism, know what your talking about.

    The outstanding video game 'journalist' skills of Mark Serrels strikes again.
    Utterly useless.

    Gaben: Gaby is brilliant.

    it's actually G-mod BTW...

      You are right, JonnyCakes administrates along side me in an Australian Community, this in fact is Trouble in Terrorist Town

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