Ah, So That's Why Crysis 3's First Level Is So Terribly Slow

If you've played Crysis 3 on the PC, you've probably noticed that the first level, even on a powerful system, chugs. Badly. It gets you off on the wrong foot with the game, because you start worrying more about hardware than the experience, and that sucks.

Stick with it, though; bizarrely, as the first level's tight corridors open up into vast expanses of a ruined New York, Crysis 3 runs a lot smoother. Which doesn't make sense, seeing as it should be the other way around.

This weird scenario has a weird solution, though: it's all to do with ropes. Yup. Ropes.

Modder MaLDoHD, who has done some very fancy work on Crysis 2, discovered that, for whatever reason, the ropes used in the level to hold up cargo containers are cutting people's framerates in half.

When the ropes are stationary, everything's fine and dandy at 60fps. If they move in the wind or are shot at, though, things can drop to under 40fps.

Strange, yes, and currently without a fix, but at least now you know it's the game's fault, and not that of your hardware.

Performance bug in Crysis 3 first level [MaLDoHD, via PC Gamer]


    Well that and the rain/water on glass effects create additional slowdown on SLI machines, found it rather weird that my minimum fps in those scenes was better on a single 680 than on two. Although admittedly it's an SLI problem so it's up to Nvidia to fix it.

    Yeah, ropes can be super hard to simulate, depending on how realistic and dynamic you want to be. They have potential for an almost infinite amount of bend-points, and can be affected by so many (potentially contradictory) forces at the same time. I imagine that's the reason why.

    Oh Crytek, give em' enough rope.....

    I'm running Crysis 3 on max settings on a PC with a GTX680, i7-3820 CPU and 32 gig of RAM and for some reason cutscenes in this game are locked at 60fps while gameplay appears to be locked at 30fps and never going above or below that. Does anyone know why that is? Is there a setting somewhere I've missed that locks the framerate? Playing it on a 50 inch plasma TV at 1080p that's admittedly a couple of years old now.

    I don't have this issue with Skyrim or any other PC games.

      Is VSYNC on? If so, that is what may be locking down your framerate.

        I'll check when I get home, thanks :)

    Is VSYNC on? (Sorry for double post,was trying to respond to post above)

    Last edited 27/02/13 8:47 am

    If what you are saying is true, If the engine is locked to 30fps it would not matter if vsync is on or off?

      In some games, Vsync will lock you to 30 if you can't retain a frame rate of 60+. Eg. Just Cause 2. I don't know if that's the case here, however...

      I'd be pretty confident Crysis 3 would take advantage of Adaptive Vsync in the NVidia drivers, would it not?

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