Bane Plays Dead Space, Squeals Like Little Girl

The Bane Plays series has provided much hilarity for me, particularly the Slender one, but now it seems as though Bane has turned his attention to Dead Space.

So if you feel like watching a fairly funny video of a man doing a fairly solid impression of Bane from The Dark Knight Rises whilst also being shit-scared playing Dead Space, this is the video for you.


    I think that's Dead Space 1 not 3. You can tell because it's still scary

    ....isnt this DeadSpace 2?
    Its definately deadspace 2. actually looks like dead space 1....dafuq?

    Yeah I wish Dead Space 3 was like Dead Space 1, but that's just the original Dead Space

    lol def dead space 1... i know because he got stuck on the same bit i did... :( still haven't gone back.. that asteroid shit is frustrating

    It's pretty funny, but it's no Christopher Walkenthrough.

    McGoiter is pretty funny, ive been subscribed to him for ages.

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