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The Dead Space series was riding high after the release of Dead Space 2 in 2011, having become one of the most highly-rated horror series of all time. Even today, people still praise Dead Space 2 as an incredible horror game. Unfortunately, Dead Space 3 was poorly received. What happened? How did Dead Space go from hero to zero?


Jim Moore is a Bay Area concept artist with over 10 years experience in the entertainment industry, during which time he's worked for clients like EA and Lucasfilm. Most recently, Jim helped out on Visceral's Dead Space 3, some art room which you'll see below.


I'm having a hard time remembering Dead Space 3. It's not that I've recently become afflicted with amnesia or anything like that. I just don't find the game all that memorable. If you read my review, you'll know that I had my share of gripes with the third title in what was previously known to me as one of the better sci-fi horror series I've played.


Dead Space 3 has come and gone. Some folks loved it, others were a little disappointed in the direction the series has taken, but no one could deny that the team at Visceral have an incredible, undeniable grip on the use of sound in video games. I would argue it's the defining feature of the series. This fascinating seven-minute documentary goes behind the scenes at Visceral to discuss the different techniques employed to scare the living shit out of you.


One of EA's top executives says website VideoGamer fabricated news yesterday when it reported that Dead Space 4 was no more. The VideoGamer report, which cited an anonymous source, said that "EA has ceased development on Dead Space 4 and effectively axed the series following lower than anticipated sales of Dead Space 3." Updated with VideoGamer statement.


A report earlier this morning, citing unidentified sources, suggested that Electronic Arts had terminated its Dead Space franchise -- including work on an unannounced Dead Space 4 -- in light of poor sales of Dead Space 3. The game's studio says the rumours are false, and EA itself disputes the portrayal of Dead Space as a troubled brand.


When it comes right down to it, Dead Space 3 is a game about standing in a corner and blasting aliens into bloody bits. I've been playing through the opening hours of the game, and despite recognising the various problems mentioned in some reviews (including Tina's less-than-glowing review), I have to say that after six or so hours, I'm enjoying myself quite a bit.


Dead Space 3 is one of those games. It's almost difficult to find the time to play because it's hardly the kind of game you can play in the light of day, or when all of your buddies are round. I managed to pick up a copy of the game on Friday, but I haven't had to the chance to play it. I've had family staying at mine over the weekend and you know how that goes!


There's a handy little robot in Dead Space 3. It's designed to collect resources for you in the new sci-fi horror game, released for Xbox 360 and PS3 today. But as helpful as it is, it may be a little too helpful. Like, too helpful at getting you to open your wallet.


I can't believe I'm about to say this, but... Dead Space 3 is boring. Let's rewind a bit. In 2008, we were graced with EA's first Dead Space title. This was a claustrophobic horror game, filled with mystery and an obviously grander, more complex universe than we, as players during that first go, could comprehend.