The Space May Be Dead, But It's Still Pretty.

The Space May Be Dead, But It's Still Pretty. The latest from Dead End Thrills: Grandiose shots of Dead Space 3.


    Oh Dead Space. The latest casualty of EA >:

    ...I think. Is it? Battlefield 4 isn't out yet, so you can't count it just yet.

    Great series. Dead Space 3 was excellent. Jam it to all the haters

    Dead Space 3 was a tonal change from the first 2 games, but that in no way makes it a bad game. If you go in expecting the same horror atmosphere as the first game then you will be disappointed, but if you play the game knowing what to expect then it's a very enjoyable and polished game. Even the Co op is top notch. Dead Space continues to nail every element of the genre that Resident Evil has failed to deliver with RE 5 and RE 6.

      What's enjoyable about mowing down 20 enemies every time you enter a new room?

      It was boring and mundane. Very average game.

        And let's not forget the game's monotonous so-called 'side quests' and its tedious gun-modding system.

        17 hours of bloated tedium. Fun.........

          Great series, and a worthy (albeit slightly flawed) addition. I was initially a hater when I heard about the first one just on the basis of it sounding like a 'lame' rehash of every classic sci-fi/horror title ever, but then I played it and it was fantastic. Probably my pick of the genre (though I'd tend towards Dead Space 2 being the pick of the bunch).

          While other titles in similar spaces have delivered generic, bland stuff that's never quite got me in, I continue to find this a fun and credible run of games. In particular, I've found that these (though the latest one slightly less so) walk an excellent balance between monster closet scares and the creepy vibes (a little similar to The Suffering to my mind, which I also enjoyed a lot way back when it came out).

          Not to say it's perfect of course, but easily worth the price of admission.

          1st one. 4.5/5. Classic.
          2nd one. 3.9/5. Very good.
          3rd one. 2.4/5. Boring. Tedious. Tired.

          Sure it wasn't as great as the first two games, but the atmosphere, weapons and shooting mecenics blow recent resident evil and silent hill games out of the water. I'm with you on the copy pasta side missions though, but it didn't destroy the experience for me.

    I really liked DS3. The best way I found to describe why I liked it despite being slightly different from the other two was due to Alien and Aliens. Alien was a Sci-fi/Horror (DS1-DS2) while Aliens was more of an Action/Sci-fi. This is how I felt stepping back into being Issac Clarke. I now was a veteran of fighting necromorphs, know their sneaking tricks and habits, so its time to lock and load.

    This is also how the character of Issac acted in the game, he was telling everyone else how to fight the Necromorphs. I was playing Issac Clarke but with the mind set of Eileen Ripley in Alien 3, aware, prepared but worn down.

    I find theres a bit too much of gamers these days wanting more of the same (call of duty, game hasn't changed in years) rather than allowing the creators to tell a story over many games and adapt the game to that story. J.J.Abrams said that when making a movie its best to find what sort of story you want to tell then create the characters and tone to suit it. This is what DS3 is, a different type of story. DS1-Survival DS2-Escape DS3-Redemption and Closure

      That's exactly my feelings on the progression from ds to ds3.

      All of the games are enjoyable in their own respect. I went into dead space 3 knowing Isaac and knowing necromorphs well, and the game reflects that.

      Not to mention the coop was actually a lot of fun and I liked the way weapon mods worked.

        Same here - After DS1 and DS2, DS3 wasn't really a horror shooter for me, I knew all the ins and outs about shooting limbs, finished it 3 times on solo and with my wife in Co-op.
        Dead Space will always be about shooting limbs of Necromorphs, just like the FIFA games will always be about kicking a ball up and down a soccer field or COD about tea bagging people.

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