Bungie’s Destiny Won’t Be Released In 2013

Bungie’s Destiny Won’t Be Released In 2013

I can’t remember precisely where I read or heard this, but it seemed as though the general consensus was that Destiny would most likely be released in 2013. It turns out that isn’t the case.

According to an Activision Blizzard press release the game it has “not included [Destiny’s] launch in its 2013 outlook and there should be no speculation or expectation of a different result.”

So, most likely the game will be released in 2014 at some point — not necessarily a bad thing, I’d rather the game was released in a finished state, but probably worth noting in case you were expecting the game’s release in 2013.

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  • If Destiny isn’t out before new consoles hit the market, we can probably rule it out as a current-gen title. I know that’s probably overly pessimistic, but, there it is. I don’t see the game being supported for 2 years on Xbox 360/PS3 if it launches after Durango/Orbis are available to consumers, and we’re pretty sure that’ll happen in Q4 aren’t we?

      • I think that most games that look to be next gen (such as Watch Dogs) are touted as “being available for all home consoles” so it’s an assumption we’re making that they’re referring to the consoles available now.

        I think it would be wrong to make that assumption.

        • That, or they’re planning on releasing it for both current (PS3, 360) and next-gen (XBox, PS4) consoles, they did it at the start of this generation with games such as Just Cause. It guarantees them more sales as not everyone is going to upgrade to the new consoles straight away.

          • I had considered that as likely if it launched alongside new consoles later this year – unless of course the new consoles would automatically support a current console version, which seems unlikely given rumours about the next gen not supporting backwards compatibility.

            I guess it’s not impossible, but I just don’t see it likely that they’ll support the “old” consoles alongside the “new”, while still providing more or less the same experience to both sets of customers. I know Bungie supported Halo 2 looong after Halo 3 was out, but the apparent structure of Destiny as an “always online” and persistent-world experience just doesn’t seem to lend itself to that kind of arrangement.

      • Probably only because the next gen consoles haven’t been announced yet, so they can’t say that they’ve moved the game on to the next gen.

      • While that’s a possibility, I think it’s unlikely. I know I’m biased since I’ve been calling ‘Holiday 2013’ as the launch date for the new consoles since around 2008, but I’d be astounded if both Microsoft and Sony don’t have new consoles on the shelves by Christmas.

        • I wouldn’t be surprised if the new consoles don’t hit in 2013, considering we usually see them for two E3s before they actually come out.

          I think they’ll be out in 2014 around the end of the year.

    • It sounds like such as awesome game (hype alert) that there’s a part of me that hopes that it is only next Gen. I mean afterall, they have to have a big name release for the launch. You know, like Kameo: Elements of Power…

  • Activision and Bungie also stated they wanted to release the game on as many platforms as possible, I know they haven’t announced a Wii U release although the unveiling video gave hints that they intend to release on that system too, notably the “My Body is Ready” Nintendo meme an the fact that a Chain Chomp Plushie appears in the video

    • Good pick up I forgot that was a Reggie reference. I reckon something like MiiVerse would work really well with a game like this.

  • If it’s not coming out for another year, why is every outlet covering it so heavily???

    It’s just annoying. I don’t want to waste time learning about things that are so far off. Tell me when it’s a month away.

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