Drunk Dudes Make Video Game Award Shows A Little Awkward

I was on the other side of the planet from the actual DICE awards show, and didn't catch all the stream, so I missed this last week. Shame. The best part of any awards show are normally the parts where a drunk guy wanders onto the stage and things get weird.

To his credit (anyone recognise the Skylanders team dev in question?), his heart's in the right place. Every awards show should honour its recipient properly, not consign some to montages and others to gala sequences simply by virtue of their chosen field.

But there's a time and a place (and a way) to bring this up. That time, and that place, probably wasn't it. Still, well played by Chris Hardwick!

16th Annual D.I.C.E. Awards Hosted By Chris Hardwick [Machinima — thanks Chris Kohler!]


    for some reason the video posted has 32 mins of bad techno before it even starts.... Jump to 2:07:00 for the good bit. Or the link at the bottom goes to the right place @ youtube.

    I love how he honestly thinks everyone there wants him to co-host. Umm... no. And what's with all the cursing?

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