Four Months After Releasing Virtue's Last Reward, The Developers Still Can't Fix A Save-Erasing Bug

The people behind Virtue's Last Reward can't seem to figure out how to patch a save-erasing bug that affects the 3DS version of the Japanese visual novel.

Publisher Aksys has posted a "workaround" for the bug, which will erase your entire game if you save while solving puzzles in the PEC room (or Crew Quarters). The workaround: don't save during that section.

Four months after release — the excellent game came out in October 2012 — Aksys and Japanese development team Chunsoft still can't figure out how to fix this bug.

"I asked the production team and what I was told is that the issue itself was very complicated and investigating the issue took a considerable amount of time," an Aksys representative told me in an e-mail. "Added to that, the investigation itself required a lot of go-between with three parties involved, one of which was separated by a language barrier and time zone."

They've looked to reproduce the bug in the Japanese version of Virtue's Last Reward, but haven't been successful. Aksys says they've also checked Japanese community threads but haven't found any mentions of the glitch, which right now seems to be U.S.-exclusive.

"While we've made some progress in researching the issue alongside Spike Chunsoft and first party developers, we do not have anything as conclusive as a patch at the present time," an Aksys representative told me. "We are still cooperating with the developers to find a solution, and I'll update you as soon as any more details come to light."


    Couldn't they at the very least, disable saving when in that area? At least that way people not aware of the bug won't fall prey to it.

      Well it's obviously corrupting because they coded it badly, in such a way that changing it without identifying the issue could make it worse. As in you couldn't save anywhere, for example, or the game just crashes. It's ridiculous that it would take that long to find the bug

    there was a bug?

    i guess i'm happy i got the Vita version then.

    but yeah,the game is great, everyone get it

    Makes no difference to us Aussies, only the Vita version is available here and you can't import due to region locking.

    Still, the Vita version is the way to go for this game.

      Oh shit, I never realised that it didn't come out on the 3DS here. It was one of the first games I was gonna get when I obtain a 3DS >_

        You could just buy from ozgameshop like me :)

          Oh so there is a Pal version, why the hell did plmko say that you can't import it haha

            Yeah it exists, I got mine at JB, too bad they only got 1-2 copies per store

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