Game Of Thrones' Season 3 Trailer: Dragons, Wildlings And Flaming Swords

God it just looks so so so good. Just when you think you can't get any more excited for the show to return from its too-long season break, you realise the budgets keep getting bigger and the drama keeps getting, well... if you don't know what's coming this season, look out.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Trailer (HD) [YouTube]


    Book 3 (this season) is being split between Seasons 3 and half of 4 apparently, they've been saying this a while. Infact, a while back (do not ask for the link, I can't be fudged tracking it down), they even hinted that seasons 3 4 and 5 might only be concerned with books 3 and 4, one and a half seasons per book essentially... does this mean for those who have read them, that books 3 and 4 are the most eventful in the series by any chance?

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      Nooooooo......Book 3 was massive and had a lot of meat to it, but books 4 and 5 were mostly filler. If the series were a mountain, the TV show has just reached the peak.

        I remember them saying theyre not doing the literal 1 book = 1 season thing either, that some events will be shuffled around as some book events take place in different time frames, which is good. Really loving this show so far :D

        Filler's a bit rough. It just slowed down to book one and two level. Book three is epic, but

          Book four is rubbish in comparison to three.. I don't know if anyone could stand hearing Cercei babble on for a season..

            You're thinking of it the wrong way.

            Books 1, 2 and 3 are all apart of a trilogy.

            Whereas books 4, 5, 6 and 7 are their own set.

            Meaning that the climax that was book 3 is of course going to make book 4 seem rubbish because its all build up.

            Agreed there... way too much Cersei, not enough Tyrion and Jon

      Book 3 is actually split into two books and yes I would say it is the most eventful of all of the books so far. My interpretation is that this season will deal with the first half of book 3, and the next will deal with the second half (there is definitely enough content to split over 2 seasons).

    The actress playing Arya will be in her 20's by the time George finishes writing the series. I know the kids and Dany were aged up because of censorship concerns, but it still raises lots of questions as to how faithful the later seasons of the show will be to the source material.

      As long as the story is told well, acted well and the quality of production isn't affected due to this, it'll not be a dealbreaker, but I do see your concern.

      What about Rickon, lol. He's going to be acting like a toddler into his teens.

    Looks great, I've yet to see all of season 2 yet maybe 6-7 episodes of it so I'm going to wait until next months Blu-Ray release to watch the rest.

    Wow, the graphics in this video game are unreal!

    Screw season 3, I need book 6 (Winds of Winter) to come out!!

    (...I'll still be watching of course)

    Very good! And, yes... Book six please :(

    As good as that looks I can't get too excited after the abomination that was season 2.

    I hope they don't change Joffreys death too much to try and fit it in with the show.

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