God Of War: Ascension Rated R18+, All Mention Of The Game Being Removed From QLD Stores

One day R18+ games will be classified in Australia and won't be newsworthy, but today is not that day. We've just gotten word that God of War: Ascension has been classified R18+ and, given Queensland's issues with passing the correct legislation, retailers have been advised that they cannot sell the game in that state.

"As Queensland has not passed legislation for the R18 rating for games we must remove all reference to God of War Ascension immediately," stated an internal message sent at one major retailer. "This includes all game slicks, posters, pamphlets, hand written signage, 2-way units and pre order signage."

When QLD missed the deadline to pass its own R18+ legislation, I wondered specifically what affect that would have at retail. This is an interesting look at precisely what has to occur.

Queensland Parliament is set to discuss R18+ in the middle of February when Parliament reconvenes.

Hopefully this issue will be sorted sooner rather than later.

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    NT and ACT are not states, first of all. Second of all, it IS legal to BUY and OWN X rated content in ALL states and territories. It is however illegal to sell or advertise X rated content anywhere in Oz except for the ACT & NT.

    In practice just about every adult shop everywhere sells X rated content regardless as the law is rarely enforced.

    As I stated earlier, buying and owning X rated content is legal due to the fact that the constitution mandates trade between states be absolutely free. Note the word "absolutely", therefore the situation is no different with R rated games. The government cannot change the constitution without holding a referendum, it is not like changing a law.

    In reality, none of this matters because QLD has already agreed to pass the legislation. They are just slower doing so. Every bill introduced is reviewed before being voted on, unless it is an emergency piece of legislation. So people need to stop getting so paranoid and jumping up & down like lunatics. If implementing an R rating hadnt been agreed to by all 6 states & 2 territories then we wouldnt have it aleady in force everywhere but qld. Changes to the classification scheme require the support of ALL jurisdictions. Obviously that includes QLD.

    Again - you can own, buy and import anything that has beem rated by the Classification Board. So relax. The legislation will be in force in qld before March, I guarantee it.

      this guy gets it :) the states control SALE AND DISPLAY of classified goods. It is the STATES RIGHT to refuse the allowance of said goods to be sold AT RETAIL STORES IN THEIR STATE.

      The commonwealth controls classification.

        Still doesn't answer my question on comment page 1.

      With that said though both EB games and JB Hifi have updated their website to say the game is unavailable to QLD customers trying to order online. Once the legislation is passed then I'm sure that will change.

    I see 10 more years before Queensland gets the R18+ rating for video games at the rate the goverment is going. How hard can it be to say one word Yes you would think the federal goverment would have the final say.

    god fucking damn this state pisses me off sometimes. actually its pretty much only the political environment that annoys me, so frigging backward.

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    correct me if I'm wrong, isn't Queensland's legislation actually on the SALE of R18+ games, not the actual classification? As far as I'm aware, classification is actually handled at a national level not a state level, and the R18+ legislation has passed there. As there is no current legislation regarding the sale of R18+ games in Queensland at present, there ought be no actual law preventing the sale or display of said games until such time as there is. Pretty sure Kotaku actually did an article regarding this very fact as well.

    As a Qantas pilot once said: When landing in Queensland, don't forget to set your watch back 2 hours and 20 years.

      I don't understand why 2 hours? Daylight Savings is only an hour difference.

      I can't argue with the 20 years remark.

    I live near the border of NSW, I suppose I can just "import" it over state

    I am certainly one of those people who lives in QLD and heavily supported the R18+ bill. Talk about it biting me in the ass. I am certainly not happy about this.

    Let's just hope this is just because the parliament here is slow. Otherwise I'm up for a trip over the border...

    You might think this is a big issue, but really it aint, unlike before where you couldent get the game, you still can, just import it FROM AUSTRALIA via ebay or something and not only will you get the DLC codes and they will work (because still in Australia) but the game will run and everything should be fine.

    For the billionth time, it is being officially voted on mid feb. It has already been agreed to be the QLD government. The legislation has been drafted. They have just been slow. All this hyperbole by gaming sites and EB/JB having notices that it cant be shipped to QLD is simply for publicity. Even if QLD never intended on having the legislation it is NOT illegal for stores to ship from interstate to QLD. EXACTLY LIKE SHIPPING X18+ dvds from ACT & NT.


    thinking When i get this game, i might email mister Michael Atkinson a picture of myself holding this game up, pointing at the r18+ and give him a message stating "Well guess you were wrong, still no mass murders in Australia yet"

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