UPDATE: All States Have Either Passed Or Tabled R18+ Legislation In Parliament

With most states and territories either in the process of pushing through R18+ legislation, or having passed it already, it was left to both NT and QLD to play catch-up in order to meet the January 1 deadline set by the Federal Government to get the R18+ rating up and running. Thankfully, it seems like QLD has taken notice — its own specific R18+ classification was read in Parliament for the first time last night.

“The introduction of the R18+ classification will give parents clear and unambiguous guidance about what material is unsuitable for their children, hence protecting them from being exposed to material that may harm them,” said Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie, who presented the bill. “It will also give adult gamers the right to make informed choices about what they want to see and hear in a computer game.”

This was simply the first reading of QLD’s R18+ classification. A bill can be read up to three times before it’s voted upon.

NSW and ACT have already passed R18+ legislation, whilst VIC, SA, WA and TAS are all the process of pushing theirs through. The Northern Territories, at this point, have yet to table any R18+ legislation.

UPDATE: It looks as though NT has tabled its R18+ legislation today, meaning that all States and Territories have now either tabled or passed their R18+ legislation. Looks like we may actually make it in time for January 1!

Thanks Choc!