Grown Man Turns Living Room Into Enormous Battle Of Hoth Diorama

Barry likes Star Wars. A lot. So much so that he's sacrificed an entire room of his house to recreate Empire Strikes Back's Battle of Hoth, in a diorama that would make even Industrial Light & Magic proud.

It's a completely static piece; the explosions and smoke you see don't move, despite how impressive they look. There's infantry, vehicles, fighters, even some re-writing of fiction as Vader gets his hands on Luke. All told, it's 13sqm.

If you even think about making a "forever alone" joke, forget about it. This man is an artist.

My Hoth Diorama NO PHOTOSHOP 140+ SQ FT [The Fighting 1:18th, via Nerd Approved]


    Holy crap that is awesome!!!
    Hehe, I like that he pokes fun at "Ladies love it"

    I like how the headline uses the term "Grown man".

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