Maybe Aliens: Colonial Marines Would Have Been Better As A Musical

No, really. Check out this hilarious video by grizzl360 that showcases the incredibly deadly, ultra fearsome alien threat in Aliens: Colonial Marines. I think the The Hello! Ma Baby song makes a strong case for why the AI in the game would have been better suited for a musical, don't you?

Aliens Colonial Marines: All Singing, All Dancing [grizzl360 ]


    Aw man, I was hoping that they would have taken the time to actually include an easter egg that's more or less that same scene from Spaceballs.

      They did.

      The spaceballs chestburster's hat is in a containment tube in the game. keep an eye out for it.

    Oh man! I feel bad laughing but that is so awsome lol

    Do Aliens and NPC's getting stuck in the environment happen often in the game?

    Is Patricia's new title "Official Aliens: Colonial Marines hater"?

      I'm pretty sure a lot of people could claim that title :P

        Three articles in the past 24 hours or so...

          This game is currently the hot topic across the internet.

    Surely it can't be worse than Dead space 3.

      Have u played both? DS3 has reviewed better. I was keen to get Aliens CM, but now leaning towards getting DS3.

        Or you could just get neither, and save your cash.

    Been following the forums since I like reading on people's reaction to the game and similar to the War Z fiasco this has been very enjoyable.

      I wonder if this guy is correct when he was talking about War Z

    I've found the game disc itself is better used as a coaster...

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