Maybe The Bungie Guys From The PS4 Event Really Should Form A Boy Band

One of the oddest, most memorable parts of last night's PlayStation 4 announcement event wasn't a game or a piece of hardware. It was four dudes, standing still.

Four dudes from Bungie, specifically, who got on stage to talk about how they were thrilled, just absolutely thrilled, to bring their next game Destiny to PS4 and to be making a game for a PlayStation after years locked into Halo's Xbox-exclusivity.

But the most noticeable thing wasn't what was said, it was how it was said. Specifically, it was their arms. Why won't they move their arms?

The four men in question were Bungie's head of strategy and corporate development Ondraus Jenkins, executive producer Jonty Barnes, composer and audio director Marty O'Donnell, and, speaking, Bungie president Harold Ryan.

The arm thing was immediately noticeable:

I wasn't the only one to notice:

They seemed… kind of terrified, actually. At the very least, quite uncomfortable. And their posture really did make them look quite a bit like a barbershop quartet. Humorously, they've even wound up as the go-to image for articles about how the show was a total sausagefest.

I asked Bungie composer Marty O'Donnell, who's standing at stage right, what the story was. Was this the result of public-speaking coaching gone awry? Just jitters? Perhaps something else?

His only response was to jokingly tell me that, "Actually we had rehearsed a little doo-wop number with some choreography but Sony killed it at the last minute."

Heh. If only that were true. Say, what if that were true?

I don't know about you, but suddenly I'm WAY more interested in hearing more about Destiny.


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    Yes. They should form a boy band. And here's how it works. Marty O'Donnell does what he does best and does all the music related stuff, and the other 3 do what they do best and stand still in the background.

    Shame on everyone for making fun of an extremely strange and apparently contagious dual arm disability!

    It's very disrespectful to refer to Sir Martin O'Donnell Lord of the Ivory Tower and Unquestioned Champion and Ruler of the Universe in any way other than his full title. Otherwise you will be assigned to the sewers when Bungie inevitably achieves world dominatin

    But seriously.. Twitter is full of d*cks, why do people even notice how their arms are when ur supposed to be looking at the gigantic amazing screens. Stop making articles that are just internet noobs seeking attention on twitter.

    - Maybe.. just maybe, they were badly rendered holograms, projected onstage by some super mysterious PS4 hardware? This could also be a medical condition brought on by waay too many 'high-fives'.

    Well actually the way they are standing is correct.

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