Mortal Kombat Finally Receives An R18+ Classification In Australia

It was arguably the most high profile game to ever be refused classification in Australia but now Mortal Kombat, released in 2011, has finally been classified in Australia after the original game failed twice, and the handheld version was also deemed to violent for Australians. Now, post the introduction of an R18+ rating in Australia, Mortal Kombat has finally been classified at R18+.

This means that, at some point, you will be able to legally purchase Mortal Kombat in Australia. It's great news, and feels like a real exclamation point on the R18+ issue.

In addition, the Queensland Parliament, at time of writing, is debating the R18+ issue. So hopefully all Australians will be able to enjoy the game.

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    Except QLD.......

      Hooray for living in a backwards state. We don't even have Daylight Saving.

        Your state isn't backwards, your politicians are just inept.

          Well to be fair a lot of it's residents are because some just do not want to hear why something might benefit them, they denounce it because it would change their ways.

            I'm sorry, I'm a QLD and if anything can benefit me, i'll gladly take advantage of it
            So, enlighten me, how does Daylight savings help? at all?
            other then its a gimmick that serves no real purpose, so its brighter earlier in the morning, its called summer vs winter

              What's the point explaining it to you, Queenslanders in the most part get pissed off when you try and explain anything rationally to them.

              Whilst it only serves a minor change up here on the border. I can tell you this, when I was in Melbourne end of last year DST was a blessing. The extended daylight was great, and it not being bright as all fuck at 5am was great.

              It's true as the more north you go the days become more equal and the point of DST would not work, but even South East Queensland would benefit, but I guess you would require an open mind to realise that. Rather than reject anything that those "Mexicans" use..

              I'm sorry but you've just demonstrated the typical Queensland stereotype when someone suggests something you either do not understand or just hate because they're from a state that it benefits.

        Why would you want DST in a largely tropical area? Your sunrise/sunset times barely vary.

        Excited that I can soon get MK legally.

          Bullshit they don't. In winter its darker FAR earlier than it is in summer.

            only like 40 minutes

              I just re-read my statement, sorry for swearing it was a bit abrupt :) Didn't mean it to sound like it did. Yeah that 40 minutes does feel like a while though when you finish work at the end of the day or you're a kid playing. Daylight savings to kids is awesome (not so much adults). I do miss it, wish my son could experience it :)

        Do we need Daylight Savings? At most it would only be good for South East Queensland it would definitely not be a good thing up in Cairns. The closer you are to the Equator the less you need Daylight Savings.

          This. I am glad to see that someone knows why it won't help most of Queensland.

          The NSW gov't considered removing DST from here in the Tweed shire.. because it was "unfair" and "confusing" on Qld residents crossing the border, like what.

        Which is good us here just over the border, means we can use it to our advantage :P

    Hurray. Hopefully now my usa copy will work online with my Aussie PSN login rather than just the USA one.

      Nope, PS3 DLC is region locked.

        I've had the DLC for a while, I got the game from Hong Kong so had to make a HK account to activate the online pass, once that was done I could use my Aussie account to play online. And for the DLC I just bought a HK PSN card online and got the DLC from their PSN store, works fine.

          Oh, there you go. Would have presumed the online pass was tied to your HK account.

            That's what I would have thought too, but seems to be fine. I've kept the HK account on there to be safe but I can still use everything fine with the Aus account. Although playing online is terrible as hardly any other Aussies are online (surprise surprise lol).

      Im just hoping i can finally get the DLC characters :D

        dnr, you can buy that online with PayPal. Go to, log in with your US details, and then find the link on the page to 'add funds to wallet'.

        This link also tells you:

          Xbox mate, otherwise id have it. :(
          there "was" a way to do it for xbox as well, but there was potential to ruin my account so didnt risk it.
          cheers for the tip tho.

            Uuurrrrrgh bummer.

            I didn't know the Xbox version was region free, or is there another possibility I'm ignoring here as well?

              mate of mine picked me up a copy in teh UK release day, he was there on holidays :D
              UK same region as Aus

                Of course. Nice one.

    L4D2 now please.

      While I'd love that, I can't see it happening any time soon, due to the politics involved in changing the rating of an already-released game. Either they have to deal with changing the content in a game that was sold as MA15+ to R18 content, or they release this as a separate version, which will either cause a lot of licensing issues if it's a free upgrade, or they will piss off the original buyers.

      Fingers crossed, but it's a bitch of a scenario for Valve.

        Well Valve did say that they are interested in having it reclassified, shortly after R18+ went live in Australia.

        Just release a GOTY edition with all the DLC included and the animations fixed

          The PC version has always had all DLC included. If they were to release an R18 revision, the only difference would be the violence level. They can't release that version without pissing off the people who bought it before. "You want the version you were supposed to get? Buy it again."

          Even though it's only $20 (and $5 on sale) I can't see valve charging twice for the same game minus animations that were stripped from the original - they know better than to piss off their old customers. Besides, a GOTY version would be *identical* to the current version overseas.

          If I were them, I'd release it as free DLC with an age rating.

        All they need to do is release a copy with the all of the released DLC included - that's how MK has been 'reclassified'.

          Well actually Valve can resubmit LFD2 again because it has been more than 2 years since they last submitted it. I do believe that's the rule.
          But more than likely they'll release a GOTY edition or something

          I have the Chinese version of L4D2 and the DLC on XBL all works with it, and it's all still uncut, has been since the DLC was released

    About time! Great news. At least this means Metal Gear Rising will probably be allowed to come out here as well. No way in hell it would've been released prior to the R18 implementation.

      I'm pretty sure it passed with a MA15+ surprisingly. I guess it's 'cause you're slicing up robots, I think?

    Fantastic news. It's a great fighter and definitely better than any MK released since UMK3, in my humble opinion (although I do admit I had fun with Deadly Alliance).

      Ahem, Since Trilogy.

        Since mk2 imo. though it wasn't very playable cause of the dodgy ai.

    Dammit, bought the Euro one from Zavvi a few months back and still haven't even opened it...

    So is it just for 360? Or is there a PS3 version too? Wouldn't mind a Wii U version.

    Last edited 14/02/13 1:18 pm

      I wouldn't worry if I were you, you should have still paid less than retailers will charge for a copy with an Aust R18 logo on it.

    Scored both PS3 and Vita copies from the USA, great news though... Amazing game!

    I was worried that the R rating would end up being a relabelled MA rating but I guess MK was the test case and it passed!

    Although on the classification site what does it mean when it says 'Version MODIFIED'?
    I hope that doesn't mean they modified the game to pass the rating...


    I think it means that because it's the 'Komplete' version it's a modified version of the original game. Some games say 'Original' but others like GOTY editions have 'Modified'

    Last edited 14/02/13 1:34 pm


      Your awesome, haha... That will be in my head all afternoon now.

      Lol that is exactly what was in my head. Best movie theme EVER!!!

    This is great news! Although I've has the US version on 360 for over a year, this proves that the R rating isn't just a rebranded MA rating.

    And to the first few comments here - the QLD legislation is currently making its way through its 2nd reading. According to the report it will be in force by mid to late FEB. So peoole, again, stop being stupid and acting as though there will be no R rating in QLD. It will be in force well before ANY of the R rated games are even released.

    With Injustice coming in April is there a point in getting this game? Surely very few will still be playing MK after that.

      i'll be hitting up both :D love MK and DC (pity DC vs MK was horrible lol)

      Injustice probably won't be as good as MK9, seeing as it's only going to be PG and there won't be any blood, gore or fatalitys.

    Hey guys, I'll try to answer as many questions as I can since I have had the game for 2 years and have been playing with other Australian players online.
    First piece of information is that since release Australians have only been able to play online against people either in Australia or New Zealand.
    The game has 3 regions, 1 (USA) and 3 (Asia) pretty much have the same server so people of have either region can verse each other online. Region 2 (Australia/NZ/Europe) has a different online lobby so people with region 2 of the game can only play each other.
    Komplete Edition has all the DLC loaded on the disk so people with that version wouldn't have to worry about DLC. The online pass is a once off code needed to be able to play online. That is included in the box. If you need to buy one online, it is possible but might involve purchasing prepaid psn cards online. Any questions feel free to ask :)

    "SEX: Mild Impact"
    WTF?! MK doesn't have sex.
    The only way to incorporate it would be to have a rape finisher, which would see the game still banned..

      I assume they're referring cleavage or skimpy outfits.

    Edit: It appears zombieface777 deleted his comment, so it posted it as new rather than a reply.

    Man I'd hate to do you a favour, I'd get yelled at.

    Yes we could all use Google, the guys saved us some time and you jump down his throat? I believe you've won the Douche of the month award.

    Last edited 14/02/13 3:13 pm

      Agreed. I found the info useful myself. It clinched me buying it, now that all the DLC is in it. Don't think he liked it when he got called a C... ;)

      Last edited 14/02/13 3:32 pm

    one day I might legally be able to possess that game.. that I haven't had in my house since 3 days after release.. fuck the snail paced qld govt :p

    Last edited 14/02/13 3:45 pm

    Haha I didnt delete it, the wussy authors who can't handle a bit of real word talk, did.

    Hey kids, don't get so worked up. Whoever called me the C word, go back to Cunnamulla you dropkick. You oversensitive kotaku kids get worked up over everything.

    Get over it. F*cking little brats, have a cry about it.

      Wait a minute we get worked up over everything? Your the one yelling abuse at a guy for posting information because it's possible to find it by doing a Google search.

    Still hoping for Syndicate to undergo the same treatment, especially as it was only released last year, but I won't be holding my breath.
    It probably didn't sell well enough to justify resubmitting it.

    Now the only question I have is when it'll be avaliable in Australian stores for the convience. Surely it won't take WB that long to get compatable versions shipped?

    What interests me is how it says the version is modified. Whether that's just because it's the "Komplete Edition" or if it's been actually modified in some way would be interesting to know.

    I apologise for being a bastard. I had a bad day and I raged. I take it back, my bad :)

    Modified simply means its been submitted more than once. We had the original console version banned, then banned upon appeal, then the Vita version was banned.

    The Komplete edition is technically different due to added content, so the game is classed as modified. Its not censored, there are no censored versions that exist.

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