Remember The Snail Game On The Master System? These Guys Do...

It was like a weird urban myth that just happened to be true. Snail Maze on the Master System. Turn the console on with no cartridge inside, push up on the d-pad and push the two buttons at the same time. Voila! A secret game! Involving a snail! And a maze. These two human beings decided to make a little video about that game.

I can't decide whether these guys have real American accents or they're just putting them on. I found that distracting, but still managed to get a few laughs from this video. I loved my Master System and finding this game was akin to finding secret treasure. There's something really special about that game I think, and this is a celebration of that.

Thanks Tyler!


    Darn.. I don't remember that one.. My Master System had Alex the Kidd built in.. but didn't know about the secret snail game.. how did you manage to find out about it back then?

      You possibly had a Master System II which didn't feature Snail Maze.

      yes that was the sms 2, not the sms 1

        Oh right.. that must have been it then.. Alex the Kidd was still an awesome game :)

          yes i had an sms 2 and enjoyed it a lot - find the miracle ball! :D

    My friends master system had this
    Strangely enough, mine has a secret motorcycle game.... Super Hangon I think it was called

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      Super Hangon was another game built into master system II's

        It was actually just regular 'Hang On' and it was built into the SMS 1 and I think some of the SMS II models. 'Super Hang On' came out on the Mega Drive a bit later. But yeah, semantics I guess! (I have lots of old Sega stuff)

    Loved that game! Used to play it at a friends house between playing California Games.

    It's a shame that todays consoles can't have built in games of awesomeness like the Master System back in the day..
    Master System 1 had three games built in and I aced the snail maze. Could go further than anyone else in my family.

    We were stupid with it though. It still worked fine but we traded it away to one of my brothers friends for a PS1 game. lol

    Yeah MS2 had Alex Kidd in Miracle World or Super Hangon. Protip: Alex was better.

    Thanks for this post. On the way home from work and I nostalgia'd so hard. Made my day.

      Actually, the master system had safari hunt and hang on as built in games with snail maze as the secret game. The master system 2 had Alex kid or sonic the hedgehog.

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