These Are The Dead Space Spin-Offs I Really Want To Play

I'm not a Dead Space guy. Oh sure, the series is great, but Fatal Frame and Silent Hill are more my speed when it comes to pants-wetting horror. But you know what would make me a Dead Space guy? Abusrdist spin-offs and mods.

How about a survival-horror game starring legendary comedian, father figure and star of the Cosby Show, Bill Cosby?

Or a spin-off in an alternate universe where everyone is a giant Shiba Inu puppy? All upgrades would be chew-toy related.

Or perhaps a gritty sequel to the movie Office Space? Players can customise their own Swingline stapler.

Or maybe if the Dude from the Big Lebowski played a space marine out of his element, trying to track down the Necromorphs that peed on his rug?

Got an absurd Dead Space spin-off you'd like to see become a reality? Submit it in the comments. Bonus points if you throw in some Photoshop magic.


    Here's the best spin-off.

    Dead Space 3: Sequel to 1 and 2 Edition.

    "Oh god the Necro biggity bops are everywhere ziggity zop!"
    -Isaac Dadspace 3

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