Our Picks Of Today's Steam Sales

Can Gabe tempt your wallet open today? Check out the best in the Steam Sales for today to find out!

Half Life 2

A game that everyone should play. It's my number one favourite game of all time, and it's only $US2.49. Grab your crowbar and play one of the best games of all time. Alternatively, if you want to engage in total nostalgia, Half Life Complete (that's Half Life and it's expansions/spin-offs, Half Life 2 and its Episodes, and Team Fortress Classic) for just $US9.99 right now.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Power up those night vision goggles and get ready for some covert ops. Sam Fischer's latest adventure is just $US9.99 in today's sales, down from $US39.95.

Left 4 Dead 2

Don't be sad that The Walking Dead is on hiatus until godknowswhen. Get some cheap zombie action in your life with L4D2 at just $US4.99.

Don't Starve

The world's most adorable survival game will only set you back $US3.47 today!


    Battleblock Theatre for $1.50!!!!! (watch the trailers and you'll see I was pretty light on the excessive punctuation :p)

      I bought it purely due to the amazing trailer.

    I managed to pick up Dishonored GOTY yesterday for a little over $10 from GMG with their 20% discount code.

    Would be cool to play L4D2 again but ya know, people hate you in that game.
    Splinter Cell Blacklist is fun, the story is pretty meh and Sam Fisher doesn't have the same character to him due to different voice actor.

    I feel so privileged to have been one of the many waiting eagerly for the release of Half Life 2 with a brand spanking new PC. Man......that was an experience.

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