These Games Let You Play As Insects

Controlling a cockroach or an entire ant colony is pretty unusual, even for a video game. So we can say games featuring these ideas resulted in rather unique and underrated titles — and that's absolutely not a problem.

We collected some of the most interesting ones below.

SimAnt: The Electronic Ant Colony

Source: Killerratte's LP

Battle Of Giants: Mutant Insects

Source: Ubisoft

The Zerg In StarCraft I and II

Source: Blizzard

Bad Mojo

Source: HardcoreGaming101

Mister Mosquito

Source: Vysethedetermined2's LP

Bee 52

Source: KakeyoSilverton's LP

Battle Bugs

Source: KawaKasper's LP

A Bug's Life

Source: OzcrashSoNiC's LP


    How the hell did that mouse get that razer in its neck like that.

      If memory serves, the rat eats you if you get too close to it, so you climb up on to a shelf above it a knock a box of razors down on top of it. I suspect it might not be entirely realistic.

      I never did play beyond the demo. Does anyone remember whether Bad Mojo was actually any good?

        Was awesome, the atmosphere was great too.
        Has a bit of a cult following, you ride a mouth, climb over the land lords face while he sleeps, you have visions of your dead mother.
        Rescue a cricket stuck in some grease on a stove top.
        Talk to a fish breathing it's last breath on a carving board..

        Yeah it was good, sorry for ranting.

    I remember Bad Mojo and Sim Ant fondly. The bugs life game sucked.


      An awesome game, but did you actually get to play as an insect?
      I never did finish it.

    No Buck Bumble from N64?

    What about the secret ant missions in the original Red Alert? Actually, come to think of it maybe you just fought against the ants...

    No mention of Spider for the PSX? I mean, sure spiders aren't insects, but it was a pretty cool game I think.

    Also that is a pretty darn gruesome image to have as the article thumbnail. It really stands out amongst the rest, haha.
    Not that I am complaining.

    Sim ant was awesome. So many hours wasted when i was a wee lad, on that game, that and sim tower

    Pinobee on the GBA, best ever 2.5d side scroller featuring a cybernetic bumblebee to ever come out on a handheld.

    Controlling a cockroach or an entire ant colony is pretty unusual, even for a video game
    Umm where else would we be controlling cockroaches and ant colonies lol?

      >not controllling cockroaches and ant colonies in your spare time
      what are you even DOING

    Needs more Buck Bumble.

    Anyone remember Bugdom on the old Macs?

    definitely needs more Apidya (Amiga)

    there was a PS2 game were u can play as a scorpion, spider and other insects.

    League of Legends lets you play as Skarner, a crystalline scorpion.

    Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor

    EDIT: Oops I suppose a spider isn't an insect.

    Last edited 12/02/13 4:25 pm

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