The Best Game Manual I've Ever Seen

You can love a good old-fashioned video game manual for any number of reasons. It might be enormous, like Falcon 3.0s, or slightly crazy, like Star Wars'. Rarely, though, are they genuinely beautiful.

Not like this. This is the manual for the Sega Master System version of Fist of The North Star, released in Japan in 1986 (where the console was known as the Mark III, which while we're on the subject is also my favourite all-time console design). You could frame each page and hang it on a wall, and I'd pay to go see it. The red print, the clear iconography, the magic rabbit, it's all incredible.

Hokuto no Ken (北斗の拳) - Japan Manual [SMS Power, via VGJunk]


    Is that guy showing off his fresh manicure?

      Blue Steel...

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    Regarding the enormous manuals of flight sims, when we were early in the testing of Falcon 4, they hadn't finished writing the manual yet, and all I could think when they finally sent us PDFs of it was "holy crap I'm glad we don't have to proofread this"

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    I this really the best manual you've ever seen?

      Looks like any random set of instructions from a build-it-yourself bookcase. I can't really recall ever seeing a game manual I'd term beautiful. Most were for function not form but I liked the in-world feel some had such as the Vault Dwellers Guides.

        Yea. In terms of art I would rate Demon's Blazon for the SNES wayyyy above what this article has. It has beautiful depiction of the various demons, and the art was exclusive to the manual too. It was never in the game.

        And what about Earthwom Jim for SNES?? It was hilarious! They even had descriptions for uber items that weren't even in the game, just for the lols.

      The manual for Metal Gear Solid PSX was really cool.

    Fallout 2 has the best manual ive seen

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