This Week In The Business: 'Wii U Has Failed To Capture Consumer Imagination'

What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "Wii U has failed to capture consumer imagination." — Rob Fahey, former editor of, talking about Wii U's problems but ultimately why there's no need to worry about Nintendo.

QUOTE | "We wanted the violence to come with regret and consequence, so you couldn't always feel good about it." — Kevin Boyle, executive producer of The Walking Dead, talking about the decisions they made in designing the hit game.

STAT | $US137.5 — Estimated development cost of Grand Theft Auto V, according to analyst Arvind Bhatia;marketing costs will add up to another $US109 million, but the game should make $US200 million profit or more.

QUOTE | "I decided I couldn't do it anymore." — Vander Caballero, designer of Army of Two, explaining why he stopped designing violent games, in a discussion with other designers about games and violence.

QUOTE | "We know we've got a fast boat, we just don't know how deep the water is right now." — EA's CEO John Riccitiello, talking about why EA is uncertain about how well the game industry will do this quarter.

QUOTE | "Nintendo's chance to attract third-party development dollars is rapidly vanishing along with the Wii U's sales momentum." — Steve Peterson, West Coast editor for GamesIndustry International, talking about what Nintendo can do to revive its sales.

QUOTE | "The community is awesome; their enthusiasm is infectious and occasionally scary." — David Baumgart, CCO of Gaslamp Games, talking about the fans of the still popular rogue-like games.

STAT | $US237.7 million — Amount of money Minecraft developer Mojang made in 2012, according to a Swedish author following the company to write a book;pre-tax profits were $US92 million.

QUOTE | "Relic could be the catalyst for one of the most remarkable transformations in memory: Sega, the new cutting edge of strategy gaming." — Matthew Handrahan, journalist for GamesIndustry International, talking with other journalists about what THQ's breakup might mean.

QUOTE | "The Crossfire FPS game is a $US100 million per month, which underscores how big the potential market is for FPS." — Greg Richardson, CEO of Rumble Entertainment, talking about why their first third-party game is Ballistic, a Facebook and browser-based FPS.

STAT | $US180 million — Amount of revenue Kabam made in 2012;the company grew 70 per cent from its previous year.

STAT | 3.5 — Amount you have to multiply Android game revenues in order to reach iOS game revenues, according to analytics firm App Annie; the highest-grossing game in December was Clash of Clans.

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    STAT | $US137.5

    How much?

      I wondered this too. It's million, by the way, but yeahhhh... Little edit can't hurt :-P

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