What Sorcery Is This? Magicka Casts Its Spell On Tablets

What Sorcery Is This? Magicka Casts Its Spell On Tablets

One of PC gaming’s finest co-op experiences is coming to a rectangular productivity-enhancing device near you. How many times will you “accidentally” kill your friends in Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet?

Developed by Ludosity, the folks behind the lovely Bob Came in Pieces, Wizards of the Square Table is a whole new adventure in the Magicka universe, capturing all the hallmark features of the series and trapping them in a flat rectangle of power. It’s got four-player online co-op. It’s got the elemental-combination spell system. It’s got plenty of accidental murder. Throw in exclusive items for the iPad and Android versions, cross-platform play and the ability to touch yourself for hours (well, a digital representation of yourself… or whatever, just don’t tell me), and you’ve got a game that most certainly is this one.

I mean, I can’t say it’ll be amazing, I’ve not played it yet. I can be excited though, so imagine meet hooting and hopping in my chair.

Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet is coming. They didn’t specify, so I can’t say soon. Before you die, surely. Hopefully.



  • Booo.. when I saw the title I thought, “Great! Magicka.. the game that should have been released on tablets is finally here.” And then I saw the screenshots, indicating that it’s not the original game at all. The original game is just so well suited to tablets with its awkward (for PC) control scheme and top-down graphics etc

  • I’ve wanted to play Magicka, but I have a Mac instead of a PC.
    But I have an Android tablet!
    So I thought awesome!!! Tablet version!
    Then I saw the screenshots.

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