Because You Always Wanted To Cuddle Up To A BioShock Infinite Bad Guy

Crafty type Alix has made this wonderful little plush version of BioShock Infinite's Songbird, matchig those you find scatered throughout bedrooms and stores in the game itself. While she only made one, that one is currently up for auction on eBay, with 50 per cent of the proceeds going towards Child's Play.

Bioshock Infinite Songbird Plush [arixystix — thanks Steve!]


    I really like the toy but...

    End game spoiler:
    I'm not sure that 'bad guy' is really the right term though, if you know what I mean

      True, but therein lies the problem.
      If they don't describe him as a bad guy at all times, then they'll effectively be spoiling the twist!

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