BioShock Infinite's TV Commercial Is Strange

It may be the fact that there is absolutely no gameplay footage whatsoever, it may be the weird pacing of it — it doesn't really lead to a climax, and ends strangely. It may be the fact that, as people engaged in gaming culture, we come to BioShock Infinite with a different set of expectations — but I can't help but find the newest TV commercial for the game a little bit strange.

It's almost as it's caught in no-man's land. It doesn't really sell Infinite's unique selling point: the fact that it's set in the sky. It doesn't really highlight the historical fiction aspect of the game and it doesn't do a great job of showing the game. Probably because it doesn't actually show the game at all.

I really don't know what this ad is getting at if I'm being perfectly honest. It seems to be aiming at a broader audience, but it ends up removing everything that makes the game interesting. Or it tries to show too many things all at once and ends up showing nothing at all.

Why not focus exclusively on the history bending concept of the 'tears'? Why not focus on Elizabeth? Why not focus on the religious aspect? Why not focus on the fact that you're playing in a world in the sky! There is so much unique mystery about what Irrational is trying to do with BioShock Infinite, and I think that's all completely lost here.


    Yeah i saw that the other day and immediately thought of the fabled COD pie

      Mmm cod pie.

      If does feels like it might be an attempt to bring in some of the elements that the frat boys, who folks might remember the irrational crew visited early in the development of this project, might like from the games they're familiar with.

    To be honest... I think this looks fething awesome!

      Wait.... "feth"?
      What planet are you from, son? XD

    I kind of like it, but more so the CGI and animation. Booker does look different to the cover though.

      I'm pretty sure the cover of the game is an actually photo of a guy, but Booker does look different in this CG trailer than other art or gameplay glimpses we have seen of him.

        is it really a photo? I often find that the character rendered in-game doesn't look like the character concept art. For example, I don't think in game Lara looks like the concept art/advertising material Lara in Tomb Raider.

      Yeah on the cover he looks kind of like Nathan Drake. Here he looks older and less ruggedly handsome.

    An with the current climate on violence in video games in the media why start an ad with a Sniper scoping a shot at a girl or a preacher

      No reason for games to run scared because of some uninformed twits in politics & the media.

        I agree - but smart marketing will make the sales. This really didn't show the game but did give ammunition for the violence in games fringe. I suppose they could be after the negative press to generate appeal, but even that falls flat with the rest of the material in the ad.

          I just assumed they ignore those people. I do.

    I'm not sure I like being a commercial. Especially this one. :P

    I much prefer that intitial one where he falls after seeing the roses.

    Reminded me a little of the amazing Bioshock one that I think is better than the game (game is good)

    I feel they were aiming for the broadre market and were keeping the message simple: "Kill guys, you have magic powers, you jump around a lot and there's a girl in it."

    I disagree with this article entirely. This is what we call a teaser. And gaming adverts (designed to be shown on television) are entirely different to those we expect to see released online.

    I think it showed precisely where it was set: in the sky. You see the Zeppelin at the end appear from the ground. Did you not see the ground obscured with clouds?

    As for the historical aspects, when you see a priest pointing at a female about to be hanged what do you think? I think of the 1692 [EDIT] Salem Witch Trials. The point of this advert is to tease at elements, and it accomplished that with finesse that some may not recognise.

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      I logged in only to comment something like this. It's a tv ad. It's made to caught people's eyes fast, and furious. But it won't catch mama, or anything. That's the only sad thing: People that does not know about Bioshock will think it is a purely game about guns and powers.

      Teasers, due to their brief and compact nature, generally explore a single mood, introduce one or two concepts and characters, and have a hook at the end that leaves you wondering. This felt more like walking past the lounge room while someone was playing. We have no idea what the hanging was about, we don't get any feel for the three main focus characters and only the slightest hint of how they relate to each other. There's a scuffle with a bunch of random mooks and a random zeppelin that has no link to anything.

      I feel it should have been split up into at least three different teasers. One exploring the ziplining, one exploring the religious themes and how each character relates to it, and one focussing on the threat of the big enemy followed by an even bigger one (I assume the zepplin is supposed to be a threat) as the hook.

        What makes you think it won't be the first of a collection? At the end of the clip I wonder what would happen in the next installment. I liked it. You didn't? Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

    i have never played any bioshock game before, and that...looks intriguing :)
    steampunk city in the sky? zipping around on rails with some kind of wrist gadget? i want to know more! :D

    Game is good ... If anyone wants to know, song is called 'Beast' by Nico Vega..

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