Brilliant Poster For The New Star Wars Movie, Starring The Original Cast's Old Faces

So, the next Star Wars movie will most likely feature appearances by many of the original cast members from the 1977-1093 trilogy. That's... kinda good news, on paper. But, remember, 1983 was a loooong time ago. These guys don't quite look the way they used to.

As this awesome mock-up poster by artist Adam Schickling shows.

Well, except Chewie. Dude really knows how to look after himself.

Star Wars Episode 7 Poster [Adam Schickling]


    1093? damn. I knew Star Wars was old but damn.

      I would totally what the hell out of a medieval star wars crossover.

    Honestly, they still look good to be honest.

    Introduce some new characters around them and it'll work.

      Clones are people!

    I love the idea of them being there - if they're cameos of sorts, just some sort of nod or acknowledgement to them as being the important figures they were. Make them politicians, or advisors. Don't wrap them in the story senselessly, just acknowledge them.

    Would be amazing if say, the roles were flipped with them taking on the rolls of capt. Antilles and old Ben, ushering in new heroes.

    Excellent job, very Drew Struzan-esque. The only problem is the Storm Troopers, should have used the OT ones instead of the Clone Wars ones.

      Unless my eyes deceive me, it looks like the OT storm troopers are in there. Look at the top left in the first poster and tell me what you think.

        Hard to tell... maybe it is? Couldn't make them out? On second view it kinda looks like an updated Clone trooper i.e. a futuristic version... so eh whatever.

          I reckon they are. The body armour has that angled breastplate section where the clone trooper versions were quite flat and sleek.

    Hamill should have a beard, aside from that very impressive.

      Agreed, I've only seen Hamill with a beard once (Slipstream) but it was a manful beard!

    This is so perfect. Got me excited for the sequels. Hope they are at least okay.

    Oh god Luke Hamill, 70's surgery has not aged you well.

    one thing i want to see and that is kick arse Sith and Jedi, none of this crap from the last movies where all they can do is a little jump or some quick speed in some scenes and a little bit of choking and lightning, I want to see arse kicking like in the games Force Unleashed :D

    carrie fisher is fatter than that though?

    Haha, only just finished watching episode IV with girlfriend like, an hour ago :P

    i wonder what techniques this artist used and what medium was used.
    this art style has always been really interesting

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