Here Are All Of BioShock Infinite's Secret Musical Covers

If you've played any Bioshock Infinite, you may have noticed a few familiar things about the soundtrack — some songs that really seem to ring a bell. Why is that?

Well, it's because the Bioshock Infinite soundtrack has a bunch of of 1912-ear covers of famous pop songs. With that in mind, I decided to track them all down and compare them to the originals. See how many you can guess without resorting to Google!

Warning: While there are no significant plot spoilers in the video above, it's probably a good idea to play the game a bit before watching it if you're worried about that sort of thing.


    you forgot the best one

    Come on Eileen by dexys midnight runners during the raffle sequence, i heard them singing as i walked up the stairs and stopped and listened when i saw the crowd singing with the band

      I'm pretty sure that song was "Goodnight, Irene" which actually fits in the timeline.

        nope come on eileen is the right title, also the "timeline" was during the daytime during the raffle so how would goodnight "fit the timelime"?

          It is definitely Goodnight Irene, listen to this words the band sings properly you damn fool;

          "Irene goodnight, Irene goodnight
          Goodnight Irene, goodnight Irene
          I'll see you in my dreams "

            Also, by "timeline", he's referring to the year, not the time of day. Goodnight Irene is a song that's been around forever. I personally don't know how long, but, I'm sure google could support that.


                That is NOT "Come on Eileen", that is Huddie Ledbetter, "Goodnight Irene", 1933 - - he starts singing the actual song at 0:52

                But, don't feel bad, my husband does that all the time with celebrities, lol, it's very cute. "It's Keanu Reeves" ... Me: "It's NOT Keanu Reeves - Him: I'm **POSITIVE** that Keanu Reeves was in that movie". Me: "It was NOT Keanu Reeves"! And then I have to pull out IMDB, LOL. And who knows, maybe "Come on Eileen" was influenced a little by Ledbetter, because the one measure does sound a LITTLE like "Come on Eileen". :)


      And yes, I take immense pride in recognising Cyndi Lauper's 'Girls just want to have fun'.

    I didn't think too much of the soundtrack this time around. Bioshock 1 era of music is a bit more approachable, this stuff is a bit too old for me.

      Yah. I was constantly wishing for better music. Especially the loading screen. I find this kind of stuff on the whole a bit annoying. A generic big orchestra soundtrack would've been better for getting in the 'shoot dudes' mood.

        My sarcasm detector is malfunctioning. Can't tell :S
        The games actual score by Irrational was brilliant. The licensed (or public domain?) era music was lame arse. Except for that song from The Sting.

          No sarcasm here. I've been playing the fakefactory mod for HL2. It updates the gfx and puts batman music (the new trilogy) in the game.

          It makes big firefights just AWESOME. All because of the music.

          And often in Bioshock I was thinking "this is all so cool, but I wish they had good music".

          The stuff they used, I know they're following the trend they started with the original, but it doesn't get me in the mood.

          A few of the reviews said the combat was so-so, but I think it's really well done. I enjoyed every fight. I just wish I could carry more weapons. Limit of 2 is crap.

      The track from the very beginning of Bioshock one, just as before you enter the bathysphere, is Django Reinhart & Stephane Grappelli. It dates from the mid 1930s. I'd say the time-frame is pretty close on that one.

    I remember when I first heard Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. At first it didn't register totally but it briefly crossed my mind that the song seemed out of place. Heard it a second time and that's when it hit me, that's not period correct music...almost none of it is!

    All the songs have lyrics tied to the story at some overall point of view e.g.

    Tears for Fears "everybody wants to rule the world" during the tear scene in paris (Comstock).

    Beach Boys "god only knows" sung by the barbershop quartet (the lyrics tie up with the final few minutes of the game i.e. 'I may not always love you but as long as there are stars above you' (AD might not love Booker in some universes but will in others (stars representing infinite parallels)) and 'god only knows what I would be without you' (AD ceases to exist).

    For the record, Soft Cell did not write Tainted Love, only covered it.

    I hope I can download this soundtrack! I liked Beach boys the best.

    You missed After You're Gone, by Creamer and Layton, which wasn't made until 1918. It's actually the first cover you're exposed to in the game since it's the title screen music.

    You know how there's the short demo before you play the game before you press the 'start' button?? What's the name of the song?? I love it but I can't think of the name!

    You actually missed one: it was was easy to miss, as it's song was "Ain't That Sweet," released in 1927. It definitely isn't one most people will recognize, but it is anachronistic. If I remember correctly, it's playing in one of the stores in the beginning of the game.

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