Here's A Video Of That 15-Minute Transistor Demo I Played At PAX East

In all its Supergiant Games glory, here is that 15-minute PAX East demo, thanks to TotalHalibut. Listen to that music, listen to that awesome voice acting. And take in all the art.


    Am I the only one here underwhelmed by the gameplay? Yeah the art is nice, and so is the audio. But the gameplay seems rudimentary at best. Boring and repetitive at least.

    Love the coding references throughout like "Hello World.", breakpoints, and the move names written like function calls. They forgot their semi colons though, it's not going to compile. Kind of on the fence about Transistor. I love the art style and concepts, but the music still feels a bit flat and the monologue got tedious a bit too quickly. Hopefully it's just because it's early days. I hope they speed the combat up too because it was kind of dull at that speed.

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