How Blizzard Made One StarCraft Fan's Wish Come True

This is Benjamin. He has a kidney disease called nephropathy, and he really wanted to see a professional StarCraft II e-sports match in South Korea. Blizzard, through the Make A Wish Foundation, made that happen.

Benjamin and two friends were able to go to South Korea, play against his favourite SCII team, Prime, and attend the Global StarCraft II League finals.

Below, you can see Prime player Hyun Woo Jang (aka "Creator"), Benjamin's friend, Benjamin, and fellow Prime player Jung Hoon Lee (aka "MarineKing").

This isn't Blizzard's first teaming with the Make a Wish Foundation. The game company has made wishes come true in the past and raised money for the organisation by offering "charity pets", such as a Pandaren Monk and a Moonkin Hatchling pet.

We hope Benjamin had a great time in Korea and good on Blizzard for making his wish come true!

Make a wish! 미국 청년 벤자민의 소원 드디어 이루어지다. [Inven] 난치성 신장병을 앓고 있던 미국인 [스타크래프트 — Thanks Sang!]


    I have a wish... I wish D3 was better. But in all seriousness its good to see this kind of heart warming story.

      Theres only one thing you need my friend... Path of Exile.

        path of exile is good, but not what diablo 3 could have been

        4.05gb out of 5.48gb, almost there... The skill system looks amazing... Uhh might be goinf off-topic..

        Nice story, has EA ever done anything like this before? :P

    I wonder how many people with illnesses wanted to play SCII with LAN.

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