I Wish This Doctor Who 16-bit RPG Existed In Real Life

We're still waiting on a great Doctor Who game, but imagine if we already had one? Imagine we had a 16-bit RPG Doctor Who game that was amazing. Imagine that and then watch this pretty hilarious video.

I'm hardly the most ardent Doctor Who fan so most of these jokes totally went over my head. I'm imagining, however, that they're all really funny and make reference to specific parts of the show I haven't seen. Still, bizarrely, I found myself laughing at some of them.


Thanks Gizmodo!



    (Also, that was bloody fantastic!)

    LOL! That's actually pretty good, summed up S5 real well.

    2D sprites are cool ;)

    Wow that video is so old I feel like I've travelled back in time!

    (I'm not bitching, I just wanted to make a Time Travel joke)

    Brilliant satire of season 5+6. All it needed was a boss level with deus ex machina - lol. Bring on the fiftieth anniversary!

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    That was amazing. It'd be nice to have a good Doctor Who videogame for once.

    What on Earth do you mean (@markduval)? Return to Earth is and always will be the pinnacle of gaming! *coughs and splutters up blood until he drowns in it*

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