KingsRoad Is The Closest You Can Come To Playing Diablo On Facebook

KingsRoad Is The Closest You Can Come To Playing Diablo On Facebook

Launched just this week, Rumble Entertainment’s KingsRoad is about as far from a traditional Facebook game as you can get. It’s a Diablo-style action role-playing game with all the bells and whistles — including multiplayer — and it’s servers are running just fine.

The people of Alderstone have lost their king, and a mysterious evil has risen to take advantage of the ensuing chaos, as evil often does. It’s up to the player to bring order to the world once more, because if it were up to the player to just sit around and feel sad about life it wouldn’t be a very good game. Or maybe it would. I don’t know.

Instead of moping, we fight. KingsRoad features three classes — Archer, Knight and Wizard — which the player can swap between as they please. There’s no need for multiple character slots when you’re every hero. Just visit the class master in town between missions and pick your poison.

So far I prefer the Wizard, which is not normal for me in Diablo-style joints. He’s got big area effect damage, the means to control crowds of stabby-loos that gather around him, and as he levels up he gains some really nifty magical auras, including one that enhances the experience points gained by the entire party. Each class has passive powers like that, and being able to switch between them on the fly means a party of three players can coordinate for maximum buffing.


When not adventuring, players return to the main city, where they can have items identified, bank important equipment, forge new stuff at the blacksmith or spend skill points on flashy abilities.

And when they are adventuring, they do this…

…only much smoother. Really need to tweak my capture software.

Those of you averse to playing games on Facebook can play directly on Rumble Entertainment’s website if it makes you feel better, but either way this is a game you’ll definitely want to check out.


  • OK, so it plays good. Good to know. Since it is a facebook game, presumably it is free to play? How does it monetise? This is what makes or breaks most games.

  • Facebook is nothing but a glorified answering machine for me. Check it once a day for messages, log off. Social networking lost its shine for me about 3 years ago.

  • Looks like it could be fun, but I see no reason that just because it’s a facebook game it has to run at like 5 fps, making it look almost like a turn based strategy..

    Still a solid effort, but I expect more because as a dev I know what the technologies available are capable of.

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