Look At How *Advanced* These SimCity Citizens Are

Oh, so this is what they meant when they said you could follow a Sim throughout their entire day. Either this is some awful AI, or the Sims are really just that effing boring. I lean toward the former.

[Thanks manlytearsv!]


    It's a Sim death circle! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prjhQcqiGQc

    Saw this the other day.. what I find odd about this is that there are sims lining up to get into the circle.. they don't just walk around it or enter in without delay.. such crappy pathfinding..

      "hold on, I'm just waiting in line to join this queue of people"

      *sees circle parade*
      "Hey! Can I join?"
      "Cool. So what are we doing? Are we playing a game? How do we win?"
      "NOBODY WINS! We're just trying to get to work!"
      "That seems like a boring job... I'm going home. To your home, right here. Mine now!"

    Maybe there’s a Slayer concert going on in that park.

      Maybe Slayer cancelled their gig and this is the inevitable riot

    ... why can't I stop watching this

    Funnier if you imagine them chanting "Hell no we won't go!"

    Those amazingly complex game calculations that only their servers can handle.

    Good thing those servers are handling some of these unfathomable calculations that couldn't possibly be handled by a PC alone.

      Whoops ... sorry, khort. You had already beat me to it :P

    I love it, even the Simizens are protesting this shitty game! lol.

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